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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Mojo ideas
    We at Chord would be very interested in talking to a good ultra reliable cable maker able to make a micro USB to lightning camera type that is about 200 mm long we have an requirement coming up for about thirty pieces then there would be an on going general purchase requirement for high volumes of longer than usual cables
  2. KT66
    QED? Worth a chat with Steve Reichert at Armour
  3. NNewman
    thanks. Will save the money.
  4. Traveller

    Neat little DAP [​IMG] I have to ask however, what advantage would this give me over my smartphone? Granted I have only 64GB in it atm but I am certain the interface will accept at least 128 if not more. I've been thinking of a full-sized DAP (A&K AK70 or AK300, for example), just to give balanced-Out a try as well as a more music-oriented GUI.
    But seeing as my LG G4 + UAPP + 64GB microSD work quite well as a bit-perfect transport, I'm not sure what to do with an iPod-Nano sized DAP tbh... [​IMG]
  5. jmills8
    You mean balanced dap not using the mojo? In my experience the mojo sounds a lot better connected to my phone than any dap.
  6. Traveller
    Yeah... I have JHA / A&K Angie IIs and it came with both SE and balanced Moon-Audio cables... dying to try it out... [​IMG] Of course the DAP I buy MUST have (several options for) Digital-Out so that I can use it as a transport to the Mojo.
    Maybe a waste, but my only DAP (iRiver iHP-120) is about to die (and it ha earned a rest - it has served me well for the past 14 years [​IMG] )
    jmills8 likes this.
  7. EagleWings

    Well, this is certainly not for the happy smartphone users. But is a very attractive piece of equipment for people who like to pair their mojo with a smallest/lightest/cheapest Dap available in the market. It weighs just less than 100g and takes in 200GB card and costs less than $100.
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  8. tretneo
    I recall seeing a custom Lightning to micro USB cable mentioned (here I believe) for Mojo interconnect that actually includes the innards of the official Apple CCK adapter. I have looked at the cables in the 3rd post and can't confirm if it's one of those or not. I've also searched the thread but haven't run across it again. Does anyone else remember this cable and can direct me to the post(s)?
  9. EagleWings
    Its actually all the cables under 'How to connect iOS device' section in the 3rd post that have the Apple CCK chip or a similar chip inside.
  10. tretneo
    Oh, I thought those were hack jobs "tricking" the iOS device. For example, I have a Fiio L19 cable that I'm pretty sure does not contain the official Apple CCK chip.
  11. Mython Contributor
    I'd be interested to know if that is possible.
    My understanding, up until this point, is that all the CCK-circumvention cables accomplish it by swiping an MFI/CCK chip from a genuine apple CCK.
  12. maxh22
    Hello everyone!
    I woke up to a pleasant surprise from Chord! They published a website specifically for the Mojo and man oh man is it well done!
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  13. Light - Man
    200.gif 200.gif [​IMG]
    Gif-swiper over and out for the w-end - Captain! [​IMG] 
  14. betula
    I hope, I am not blind, but I haven't seen anyone linking THIS yet.
  15. maxh22
    Just did. Two posts ago..

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