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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Torq

    My issue is with the sellers, not the buyers ... but all the more reason for them not to entertain such high prices for used gear.
    Each to their own though ... I have no issue with people trying to get as much as they can out of their items - just my perspective is that used items need to be a significant discount to be worth bothering with.  And selling used items at, or for more than new, prices is just silly.
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  2. musiclvr
    image.jpg image.jpg [​IMG][/IMG][/IMG]

    I agree that selling used item at or for more than new is silly. I will say though that sellers who take care of their item(s) properly, or (like myself) with excessive care, can sell their item at maybe 15-25% off of MSRP.

    For instance when not in use my Mojo I always keep any port properly covered, is always in A/C, around no smoke/pets, is never charged unless the battery dies, and is kept in an water/shock proof container when not in use. I wouldn't sell my "used" Mojo for a discount greater than 10% off. That is just me though. I know others do not care for their items like I do so I would advise anyone seeking user items to ask the appropriate questions about the history of said item.
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  3. harpo1
  4. musiclvr

    Thanks for the info.
  5. JaZZ Contributor
    I would try it with reversed values – it should also work the other way around.
  6. bwcgrx
    I'm in the US and I'm considering buying a Mojo from Amazon UK due to the favorable dollar to pound exchange rate and no VAT.
    Is Amazon UK an authorized dealer and would the 12 month warranty be honored by Chord?
    The Mojo listing I'm looking at is shipped and sold by Amazon UK by the way... not a 3rd party seller.
    Thanks for any insight regarding this.
  7. howdy
    Mine is in a leather Dignis case and I don't seem to have overheating issues.
  8. Traveller
    Thanks [​IMG]
    You may have noticed some Kimber PBJ (Peanut Butter & Jelly) feeding my Amp but I bet you'll never guess what' feeding my speakers (pictured as well) [​IMG]
    Yes, I read his review too and because of him and one of my best buddies I purchased the DFR. Again, I'm pleased to have it and it's an integral part of my audio kit but it sounds a whole lot better when I haven't used the Mojo in days... [​IMG] Let's be honest here, our brains are quite willing to adapt to all reasonably good reproduction gear given some time... [​IMG]
    The new packaging also caught my attention (I'll have to ask the reviewer for the first few digits of his unit's SN to compare to mine). I agree that Chord's original packaging was on the rather minimalist side but that's also what impressed me about it. The new packaging is fine, but also quite ordinary and I wouldn't give it a second thought, though... .
  9. canali
    To chord...2 weeks ago you'd mentioned the new module/extension was probably to be released in 1-2 weeks...any updates please?
    Eagerly awaiting this (am sure i'm not the only one)...one less cable to use, more stable connection, what's not to love.
  10. Mojo ideas
    We are just waiting for the cables packaging to arrive before packing in the cables and shipping them out to our distributors
  11. cj3209

    Very nice.  Appreciate the response, John.  Enjoying my MoJo, BTW...great product.
  12. discord76
    What does it do?
  13. harpo1
    John what will keep it secured to the mojo?  
  14. xeroian

    Thanks, I did wonder. Last night I packed up my toys to take on holiday (vacation) so I will try this while I'm away.
  15. Slaphead

    This something that I refer to as "The Apple Factor", but applies really to any highly desirable brand.

    On another forum I'm a member of we frequently get ancient Apple gear being offered at ridiculous prices - for example recently there was an iPad 2 16GB on sale for $400 (I actually bought the exact same model in 2012 brand new for $299) and, despite protestations from other members, it actually sold. People get blinded by the brand and it's absolute madness.

    It's a similar thing with the Mojo - it is the DAC/amp combo to have at the moment. Given that popularity, and the fact there's no Mojo out there that's even a year old (apart from pre-production examples I would guess) means that it holds it's value exceptionally well.

    Personally when looking at second hand electronics I expect a significant discount (at least 30% off the retail price for a current item) to get me interested, otherwise I'll just buy new - I'm lucky in that I can afford to do that. However I do feel that people who just can't stretch to the full retail price and end up buying second hand at only a marginal discount from the new price are getting well and truly ripped off.

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