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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. rkt31
    like one need two ears only to get directional cues in real life situations, you only need stereo to produce all kind of directional cues. problem is to get correct setup for recordings. for headphone listening the effect is replicated by binaural recordings. but binaural set up has its own limitations. for normal stereo recording it is very difficult to replicate the effect as it demands considerable experimentation with placement of mic. there is a chesky stereo recordings ( not binaural) which creates behind your head sound with two speakers only. it was recorded with a single stereo mic. with properly set up speakers ( correct toe in) the behind you sound is reproduced correctly. modern recordings need lot more mixing of different sounds specially in movies so the effect is generated in processing rather actually recording for obvious practical problems. if someone is not concerned about the quality of recordings , some hand held portable recorders create that much wider recording of live events. few days back I recorded my Hugo+ benchmark ahb2+ kef r300 system sound with Olympus ls100 handheld recorder in 24bit 96khz and in between my kids were knocking on the side door. when I listen to that recording it sounds as if there is really a sound coming from extreme right from out side of the headphone. so it is possible to record and reproduce such sounds with stereo setup .
  2. rkt31
    foobar android version has any plugin for bit perfect output like uapp ? I think foobar should end the monopoly of uapp like in windows it's free.
  3. Mojo ideas
    The only problem with product like these are the enormous stresses they tend to put on to the Jack sockets could well rip them from the circuit board or damage the internal contacts. Therefore we cannot recomend them. A far better solution is to use flexible full sized to mini jack converter cable.
  4. audi0nick128

    I always knew using this wasn't ideal... But hearing it from you makes my OCD level go up :wink: but in a stationary setup, with something to support the weight, it isn't that bad, right? Just say yes...

    Something different, I remember you saying you were driving highly efficient Horn speakers sufficiently direct from MOJO. Did you try the
    Klipsch RP-160M, maybe?

  5. GreenBow

    Yeah I would take @Mython's advice. Buy one like the Grado Mini-Adaptor Cable. It's peace of mind that your gadget sockets are not under pressure. It's quality. I bought one and I never looked back.
  6. SearchOfSub
    Yep, passed on the solid adapter. Thank you all again.
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  7. florence
    Is there anyone using Oriolus + Mojo combination out there? Waiting for the iem to arrive and I am curious how they will sound. Coming from Velvet btw.
  8. Arpiben

    Fully agreeing on connectors stresses, but dealing with a mobile device why not design a casing avoiding/reducing all Ins & Outs movements ?
    It should not cost a lot more...
    IMHO, it is the only way to get ride of stresses since all sockets are mounted by soldering contacts.
    Just thinking in terms of future improvements, not complaining at all [​IMG]
  9. anoutsos
    I have just received my Mojo and, although I have read the manual carefully, I could not find any information on using two completely different headphones plugged in at the same time. I am currently using the DT880s (250 Ohm) and I am worried that if I also plug my Sony MH1C earphones (15 Ohm) into the second output the Mojo will send too much current through that output (at listenable levels for the DT880s). I guess I cannot control the volume separately, if the earphones sound too loud, right?
  10. Mython Contributor
    You won't harm Mojo, but yes, if one is pair of cans is loud, and the earphones are quiet, there's no magic solution - the closest thing you could do, is to buy a basic inline volume control lead, to reduce the volume on the IEM side of the equation:
    Not exactly audiophile, but it won't harm Mojo or your IEMs.
  11. Arpiben
    No harm as you said, but headphones will sound differently vs plugged alone.
    When plugging two headphones with different impedances Mojo sees an equivalent impedance for its single 'amplified' internal equals to (Z1*Z2/(Z1+Z2)); Depending on headphones you may have interactions between them ( reactive part ).
    Therefore no harm but probable modifications in sounding vs single output.
  12. Mython Contributor
    It would certainly be a compromise - as I said; not an audiophile solution.
    But a compromise that'd get the job done without any tears before bedtime [​IMG]
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  13. miketlse
    @Peter Hyatt and his wife use the Mojos two ports, to enable them to listen to music together, but each of them with their own pair of beyer AK8is.
    They find It works ok, without any issues. http://www.head-fi.org/t/779847/astell-kern-beyerdynamic-ak-t8ie-review-first-impressions-from-ifa-2015/630#post_12665723 
  14. jmills8
  15. peter123
    My take on the Mojo for those who might be interested:
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