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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Mython Contributor
    For those of you who don't frequent the DAVE DAC thread, this was posted earlier, by Rob, and makes interesting reading, even for Mojo owners:
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  2. Sound Eq
    sorry to ask as i know the first page has lots of info
    what is the best cable right angled that i can use to connect the fiio x7 to mojo
    please provide a link
  3. Mython Contributor
    Your best option is probably the Dyson cable (linked in post #3), especially as you can discuss, with the maker, exactly how you'd like it tailored to your specific needs.
  4. pepku
    Had any one listened mojo with grado rs1i? It's worth trying?
  5. Mython Contributor
  6. Caruryn
    In a greek site where we were talking about mojo a member tested extensively and the best source was optical PS3.Great dynamics,lively sound,timing,his words.Then pc with Wyrd a step down in dynamics,then tablet same detail,loses more dynamics and blackness backround of pc and last was phone.A different category from PS3 optical.Just a heads up,cheers.
  7. Mython Contributor
    Thankyou for that, but it's not as simple as one source being 'better' than another, since it fails to take into account the influence of RF.
    If you listen to several different devices, without keeping the transmission method the same, then the RF goalposts keep moving.
    If you look in the 'Informative posts by Rob Watts' section, near the top of post #3, you will find some interesting commentary about the potential influences of RF, upon subjective sound quality, and the reasons why optical connections can sometimes sound slightly 'smoother' than co-axial or USB connections.
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  8. Traveller
    Not sure what you have against it - given the size and equipped with an ES9016 it does a pretty good job, even with my 24b96K media. Clearly no competition for the Mojo, however...
    ...a nice-to-have when you are enjoying that great Mojo sound and all of a sudden... there's no sound...
    ...the battery drained. Did my two sessions really add up to 8hrs... [​IMG] Wow.
    Note-to-self; need to charge nightly along with the flippin' smartphone.
    So NO, not that Mojo sound, but sure beats the hell out of my crappy on-board alternative... [​IMG]
    p.s. Yes, I am quite aware that one can charge and listen in parallel... unless the battery's dead-flat. [​IMG]
  9. musicisthekey
    So, I finally bought me a Mojo. I want to connect it to my Galaxy S5. What micro to micro USB cable would you recommend and where can I purchase one? Thanks for your suggestions.
  10. Mython Contributor
    As per the thread title... please read post #3
  11. musicisthekey
    Thank you.
  12. maxh22
    So Mojo has 44 slower DSP cores that match Hugo's 16 DSP cores and thats how it can generate 26,000 taps? Are the 44 cores running at a lower speed due to power restrictions from the internal battery? Or is that their normal speed?
  13. RPB65
    Time for testing! My initial thoughts are it looks well made, however I would prefer it maybe 25mm longer now I have it to look at! Lol. Will post later with my opinion.
  14. Mython Contributor
  15. Sound Eq
    i hope no one gets upset, but i wish that the mojo had a wider sound stage, despite that its the best i heard
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