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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. SearchOfSub

    Yes,that would depend on how well the dac eliminates timing errors or distortion before it gets passed onto the amp. Better job on dac side, better transparency and air you would hear when it gets to the ears. Think about it on a live event level of the source. Is there air around the person, ofcourse there is. We all live in it.
  2. audi0nick128

    Yeah I didn't mean the absolute lack of air, rather less air around the individual instruments in contrast to an artificially pumped up amount of air :)
  3. SearchOfSub

    Maybe it is my English because I am not native speaker but I think you are saying how come then there is only air around certain objects more so than others. It's simply working with waveforms and frequency range within a dac along with distortion.
  4. audi0nick128

    Well same here... So it's possibly both of our English. :wink:
    Was trying to say that air around individual instruments can also lead to an artificially huge / unnatural Soundstage.
  5. discord76
    Does anyone know how the jitterbug works? It seems pricey for such a small thing.
  6. SearchOfSub

    Yes, from the beggining post I think i might have mentioned certain DACS eq on hardware level as well as software. You should go read about Audioquest saying other headphones EQ and tune their sound from hardware level for emphasized treble and such and that is not the correct sound.

    The original post you have made said a certain "reviewer" said it's upto the dac and their differences for a Schiit product amplifier to hear certain sounds and I can agree to a certain extent if the amplifier is good enough. I have not heard that amplifier so I cannot say but if the amp is transparent enough, it will put out the sound of the dac. The dac being an active device and all. I don't know how many taps the Mojo has, but hearing the Mojo with the jitterbug and also with the Hugo, the Hugo did present a bit of more transparency with the jitterbug in the mix still. But why even use it when its not a necessity and try to add distortion with more negatives than positive factors it brings.

    edit: My point was alot moreso about the transparency of the source as a whole piece. Don't think this is going anywhere. Have fun with the plastic jitterbug.
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  7. Mython Contributor
    However, for my part, I will make it even clearer, in post #3 [​IMG]
  8. rkt31
    jitterbug being a passive device can't add distortion. it only removes the noise from the usb supply. this noise can creep in the electronics of dac and degrade the sound. for the price jiiterbug does what it is meant for. as also pointed out somewhere in one of chord thread that low level noise/distortion can be mistaken as extra details but with time it is realized that the sound which is smoother and darker is more accurate. in case of yggdrasil I have read somewhere that it used minimum phase filter instead of linear phase filter . minimum phase filter may sound like lack of air. I may be wrong but as far as I know minimum phase filter smears the timing of transients a bit which is responsible for lack of air thing .
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  9. Traveller
    Stay tuned to this channel: I plan on doing a lengthy A/B with the venerable Mojo and this bad-boy here (and I think it's gonna be a close call...)
    ROFL!!!!  [​IMG][​IMG]
  10. Light - Man
    But it will probably sound better than the Dragon Snake-oil-fly? [​IMG]
  11. SearchOfSub
    I've always thoug

    I've always thought both passive or active devices can always add distortion. I've read there is a thing called nonlinearity that deals with voltage coefficiency. The worst components are used inside a device can always mess with the overall THD level by the way capacitors and resistors behave inside a device, passive or active. Passive devices can also define the gain. I would recommend the Jitterbug if it did make a difference, I have in the past with their cables or headphones but to my ears when I added the Jitterbug in the chain, though it made the staging a tiny bit bigger and the imaging more precise it added this new layer of veil to the overall sound. I ended up returning it.
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  12. Torq
    Passive devices can add distortion (as defined as a differential in input vs. output), or have effects that lead to it in other components.  Whether that's the case with the Jitterbug or not, I don't know.
    But you'll find lots of talk about how noisy capacitors are, or are not, for example.
    I recall reading about some measurements, taken pretty objectively, that show Jitterbug had essentially no effect on measured noise on the power lines and did nothing (good or bad) to the audio signal itself, and that a Regen did have a measurable effect on noise but that also added measurable amounts of jitter.  As to whether the results produced an audible result, I don't know.
    If it makes a difference with Mojo, I can't hear it - regardless of the sources I've tried.
    I think it makes a difference between my SonicorbiterSE and my MHDT Stockholm 2, but I strongly suspect I'm fooling myself based on the unusual degree of sensitivity to USB quality I've found with that particular DAC ... but then just using an optical connection sounds usefully better anyway (and is cheaper and simpler).
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  13. shultzee

    I disagree.  But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  As far as the mojo I find it very good with the HD800.  I have owned some high end dacs and amps so I do have a reference.
    As far as the HD800 it is reference quality  .  What you send through it is what you get.  The HD800 doesn't color the music like the LCD-X and LCD 2 I owned.   
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  14. discord76
    Does anyone know why line level mode is set to 3V output? This is quite high. Today i have been using my Mojo to feed my Pure Jongo T2 speaker through the aux input, and when I set the Mojo to line level mode the Jongo sounds distorted even at low volumes and I need to reduce the level on the Mojo.
  15. Torq
    I'm sure it's covered somewhere in the thread.
    Since it will have absolutely no effect on the resultant sound quality, you can just turn it down to a level that doesn't overload the inputs on your speaker.
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