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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Paulus XII
    [​IMG] Loved the phone...
  2. SearchOfSub

    Good to know because the transaction ended up getting cancelled due to another buyer buying it a minute before me and the seller didn't have enough time to put the listing down. Got LCD instead..
  3. SearchOfSub

    I've had the Jitterbug and though it makes the imaging and stage a bit wider and more precise it takes away the transparency of the recording. Hearing the breath of a singer before he/she sings? You'll be hearing alot less of that.
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  4. Slaphead

    This is one of the problems I have with manufacturers blanket stating that an accessory will work with Android. There are so many manufacturers all dicking around with Android's code, disabling this, and breaking that, and also supplying different versions of Android that it's impossible to state absolutely categorically state that a device will work with Android.

    With iOS this is also true to an extent in that the only way a manufacturer can claim compatibility is if that device uses a MFi chip, otherwise it really is a case of YMMV. Although in virtually all instances a device that's claimed to work with iOS using the CCK cable will do, but you never know if the next iOS update will kill that functionality.
  5. audi0nick128

    Yeah it might well be a positive side effect of OCD :wink:
    On the other hand, I am quite positive that Imelda Mays "Psycho', especially the last lusty moan, was more pronounced with the jitterbug on the phone... But it wasn't a huge leap for sure.
    Will try it on the Odroid later.

  6. x RELIC x Contributor

    To be fair Chord very clearly states in their FAQ section for the Mojo on their website that OTG is a requirement for Android. It's up to the consumer to do their due diligence.
  7. Slaphead

    Point taken, and while it may sound like it, I wasn't singling out Chord on this. If the truth be known the problem lies with the utter fractured mess that the smartphone industry has turned the Android eco-system into.
  8. x RELIC x Contributor

    No worries, I understood where you were coming from. :beerchug:

    IMO, with every manufacturer trying to vie for market share, and on top of that trying to justify different pricing strategies, there is bound to be a ridiculous amount of fracturing of the standards. Apple tries to stem this somewhat by controlling the entire ecosystem, but that has it's own drawbacks as well, including having to purchase an accessory every time they add a major 'update' to their ecosystem.

    It's funny, since the smartphone became the de-facto means of communication it seems sometimes that we have as much confusion as we have extra convenience when it comes to features. Sometimes I long for the days without cellular phones (yes, I remember those days very well).
  9. Zojokkeli

    Unless being waterproof is a requirement, I would never buy anything else than Nexus-line of android phones. Don't know if they support OTG, but I'd imagine so.
  10. Light - Man
    I remember those days very well also and then came those ultra cool Cell-phone bricks but nowadays even our pets have one.
    200.gif giphy.gif
  11. x RELIC x Contributor
    Funny stuff Light - Man. I was telling my 18 yr old son about rotary phones I used to use. He just stared at me, lol.
  12. GreenBow
    Please I need some advice about using a phone as file source. I have searched with google but the answers are not easy to find.
    1. Regarding the P9 Lite or any phone not marked as HD-audio. Can they run HD-audio to the Mojo as just bits. Like if you get USB Audio Player Pro will it play HD audio through the Mojo? Or do you need an HD-audio ready phone.
    2. Using the P9 Lite as an example, it has no optical out. I do not anything about phones used with a DAC. Will the phone be able to stream bit perfect through its micro USB port? Do they do that if you have an app that plays bit perfect?
  13. SearchOfSub

    More pronounced dosent necessarily mean it's any better or making the sound more transparent. You might have heard the moan louder, but I am willing to bet the air around the voice is lost.

    Basic laws. Action and reaction, the more reaction there is like another dac, another amp, another something from action (the source event) there will be more delay in time. The more delay in time, the more errors (distortion) there is. The more errors there is, the less clear it will be and less transparent of the original event. You might have heard a single sound louder (moan) with jitterbug usb hardware EQ and it being a passive device there is nothing to rid of its own distortion. And you got a whole another layer of distortion aka jitterbug. Nice marketing but it's a cheap eq and the tradeoff is not worth it imo.

    It's kind of funny how AQ claim the Nighthawks are distortion free and all other headphones EQ the treble and that is the wrong sound, but they do the same with their own products. No choice over cables tho, it's either you use a cheap distorted cable, or a better quality cable (meaning better materials) and I have noticed improvement in sound with their cables over cheaper ones. But imo it's always best to not add any device to your audio chain when it's not needed like a usb filter jitterbug when you can get sound without it. It simply adds a veil.
  14. jmills8
    great sound stage, nice mids and not harsh treble.
  15. audi0nick128

    I'll keep that in mind, even though I am quite sure clearness was not lost... Anyway I bought it to be used with the Odroid, the phone set up was just a try out of curiosity...
    Concerning Air around the voice (and the individual instruments), I remember reading a review of Yggdrasil, where it was mentioned that the lack of air around individual instruments might be a main difference against many other DACs with the result of Yggdrasil sounding more natural because of this... Just saying
    Anyway if it turns out the jitterbug doesn't improve overall performance for me, I'll sell it with like 15€ loss... Worth the risk for me :)


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