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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. tretneo
    I thought I'd share a pic of my mobile stack (iPhone 5s > FiiO L19 cable > Chord Mojo) for those interested in stacking an iOS device with the Mojo. I used a single 3M Dual Lock outdoor 5 LB fastener strip to attach the two. It's bulky but extremely stable and a pleasure to use. I imagine the current gen iPod touch would work a little better even since the dimensions are similar but significantly thinner than the iPhone.
    Note: I have not experienced issues with the FiiO L19 cable any more so than with the Apple CCK adapter. One the rare occasion the Mojo connection isn't recognized I just disconnect the cable, reconnect and all is well.
  2. headmanPL
    Nothing beats Blu Tack. A thick blob under each corner will hold it firmly in place and improve the sound
  3. silvrr

    Fantastic pairing. Plenty of power for the ether. Let me know if you want specifics. There are a few people in this thread with the combo.
  4. tretneo
    I have this combo (Mojo + Ether C 1.1) and think it's fantastic. Have the Ether Flow on order and will be upgrading my Ether C to the Flow version as well. Very excited about it.
  5. Traveller
    Yes, but look - they even have it pictured with our beloved Mojo... isn't that alone worth the 90 quid??? [​IMG]
    I jest.
    I started out in this crazy hobby with lots of ambition but little cash to back it up and given the somewhat shady $$$-interconnect business, I found salvation in Kimber-Kable's PBJs (Peanut Butter and Jelly) analog* interconnects. At the time, I think they went for ~ $45 for a .5m pair. I bought them during a trip to the U.S. which helped to keep the costs down [​IMG]
    *Of course, it's MUCH easier to justify quality analog interconnects and a much harder battle for digital. Some (including Rob Watts, if I'm not mistaken) may agree that RF *could* still hitch a ride on the digital signal but this is certainly more a question of reasonable insulation and not a need for super-duper 110% pure OF Cu / Ag / Adamantium / Vibranium  and whatnot. [​IMG]
  6. miketlse
    I think this is the appropriate place to add a caveat.
    For many years Russ Andrews has been ridiculed on the What HiFi forum, because he keeps advertising expensive HiFi equipment/accessories, making claims which cannot be verified/validated. This example does date back to 2008, but his name does keep cropping up every few months. For those living outside the UK, the ASA was the Advertising Standards Authority.
    Some people swear by his products, others swear at them, so you must make your own mind up - it is your money.
  7. Traveller
    Sorry to hear that.
    But just to be clear, I am backing Kimber Kable's products, not Russ Andrews. Kimber Kable is a U.S. based company but I am fairly certain "distributors" like Russ Andrews are responsible for selecting the length of the interconnect (or speaker wire, etc.) and terminating them with KK connectors (and finishing it up with OEM KK heat-shrink wrap).
    By all means, if interested in KK, one should select their preferred distributor / seller:
    Having said that, Russ Andrews sell their own power cords but Kimber Kable is Kimber Kable at the end of the day [​IMG] 
  8. miketlse
    That has clarified things. 
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  9. wahsmoh

    I'm thinking of pulling the plug and going with the Ether C Flow.. I'm just worried that it will underwhelm me. I think if it retains the magic if Ether 1.1 but with more bass slam and a little more warmth I could be sold. Its just that its so expensive and my Fostex ThX00 with Alpha pads do such a fine job for less than 1/4 the price.
  10. SearchOfSub

    Hello, does the Ether C midrange sound cold or analytical at all? I prefer warmth than neutral/more details.
  11. discord76
    My Mojo arrived today and it sounds amazing. I have it plugged into my Intel NUC mini-PC via USB just now and it is playing through my Sennheiser 565 Ovation headphones. The clarity and separation of instruments is breathtaking. It sounds very musical and is a pleasure to listen to.
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  12. miketlse
    Welcome to the party - you will have much fun listening to music using mojo.
  13. discord76

    Yes, way back over a decade ago i used to buy Russ Andrews stuff, and would enjoy browsing his catalogue. But sooner or later you realise that even if some of the items he sells do improve sound slightly, they come at a huge cost! And I personally do not believe the cost is justified.
  14. x RELIC x Contributor

    You'll want the ETHER C Flow.
  15. waveSounds
    Each time I toy with the idea of buying an 'upgraded' pair of closed cans, I plug the 1540s into the Mojo and I remember why I haven't bothered.

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