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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. canali

    Well at least it's better than what happened in that famous apple pie scene from the teen flick "American Pie" ...remember that lol.
    "We'll just tell your mom that we ate it all" lmao .. could there have been any dad better than Eugene Levy for that series ... Like really...his comedic brilliance nailed it.
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  2. Mython Contributor
    Here's something 'Jammy' you can safely feed Mojo:

    I already did, and Mojo drives the bassline superbly (I hope you like jammin', too..!)
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  3. Jarmel
    I'll have to A/B it more but it seems like the acoustic decay is a bit better. The soundstage with my Roxannes might be better than my HD800s. I'm not sure I like that haha.
  4. rumina
    Swiss National Day - a little present for you.
    I made a Mojo SD card adapter thanks to my new 3D printer. Was a bit tricky to find the right measurements for the top plate/plugs. It's a USB hub/SD Card reader that works fine with Android:
    You can print it yourself, need some soldering experience, find the infos here:
    would be fun to see other adapters for the mojo, have fun.
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  5. KT66
    blu tak is your friend
  6. SearchOfSub

    Hahaha very nice. happy listening :D
  7. canali
    kudos...i have a strong feeling we're going to see something very similar from chord, released soon enough.
  8. bixby
  9. bixby

    I've got some short ones about a foot long I believe.  PM me if interested
  10. bixby

    the lifatec silflex is the best sounding I have used and I have several glass and quite a few plastic.  Works ok with mini, but gets it pants blown off by usb.  Toslink on a mini is last resort, imho
  11. bixby

    Read my bimby review on my blog and note the parts mentioned that were not quite up to par for me.  The Mojo sounds quite different, basically being more open and clear.  Not sure about the depth with speaker setup yet, waiting for a good mini cable to arrive.  All the tests I have done using adapters and cheap cables give cheap results so far with the Mojo. 
  12. Torq
    I'll second the Lifatec recommendation.
    They're sensibly priced, and easily out-spec even the highest-end AudioQuest cables (and they measure much better too ... well beyond their spec).
    I'll disagree on the optical/USB point though, at least out of my 2012 Mac Mini ... USB is, so far, always my last-resort ... unless you need higher than 24/96, since you can't do that out of the Mini via TOSLINK.  This does, of course, depend on other parts of the system and how they've implemented their USB interfaces.  But that's just for me, in my system.
  13. bixby

    You really need to get the woofer higher off the desk to minimize lumpy bass response.  And here is a cheap solution.
  14. discord76
    My CD player just has a coaxial digital output is there a way to plug it into a Mojo? Also my computer is an Intel NUC, it has an HDMI output could I use that?
  15. Light - Man
    Love the industrial look [​IMG] - don't try this at home or else!!! [​IMG]
    Another option is to use 3 steel nuts under each speaker (as in nuts and bolts) with some blutac on both sides of the nut.
    This helps to isolate the speaker from the desk or speaker stand.

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