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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Nitrile
    The thing is, I never get clicks running on WASAPI or ASIO, only Directsound.
    I listened to Call Off the Search by Katie Melua and did hear clicks on Spotify through DirectSound but not on Tidal through WASAPI.
    However when i upsample to 96K through DirectSound, the clicks are gone.
  2. GreenBow
    I will re-rip Call off the Search in JRiver and see what happens.

    Thanks. The post you quoted was totally a mess. I misunderstood what you meant. I edited it big.
    This is how it reads now:
    Yeah thank you. I don't use DirectSound. I like bitperfect, and play-back through JRiver.
    My files were however ripped in an app (called Media Go) that only plays back in DirectSound. I don't know if that is the problem. I have been thinking about re-ripping my CDs using JRiver. I think it will be better than Media Go which I use for ripping.
    However I did read in a lot of posts about up-sampling. I read Rob saying stuff like let the Mojo do it, because it's more powerful than app software. I have no idea what that is about though: meaning I did not know the Mojo could up-sample.
    What I really need to do now is listen close to my other DAC.
  3. GreenBow
    What? Mike you are loosing me.
    Post 20468
    Quote myself,
    "If you re-read I said that I use CD FLAC files. That means files stored on PC. Played bitperfect though JRiver MC." 
    Yeah the first second of music lost is set aside by adding a second of silence in JRiver. Hardware synchronised.
  4. Nitrile
    You don't have to re-rip your CDs. You could perhaps download a trial of JRiver and try playing back via ASIO.
    You won't hear these clicks.
    The problem is, I mainly use Spotify which uses Directsound, so it doesn't play nice with the Mojo.
    I hope someone at Chord can kindly take another look at the Windows drivers and resolve this.
  5. GreenBow

    No, I think I want to re-rip my CDs.
  6. NNewman
    Hello. Does anybody have tried this external PSU. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152000419424
    Does it really improves the sound greatly?
    Or any other suggestions about external PSU for a home use?
    Thanks in advance.
  7. silvrr
    Rob Watts has stated that the Mojo always runs off the battery, even when plugged into mains power.  So the PSU should have no effect on Mojos performance.  
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  8. audi0nick128
    If you are going to rerip your CD collection, you might wanna try Exact Audio Copy (EAC)...its said to bring the the best sound quality from you're CDs... Takes some time, though.
    I am thinking about ripping my collection to wav instead of flac... But that will probably take even longer.
    Oh and by the way, Mython pointed me to EAC... enough said :)
  9. Mython Contributor
    Oops... [​IMG]
    Seriously, though, EAC is the mutt's nuts if you are patient with its (initially) awkward interface.
  10. Mython Contributor
  11. NNewman
    Thanks. I thought so too. But they give money-back, so I thought it might be I don't know something.
  12. Traveller
    I believe re-sampling should be avoided as it can degrade the data and will never improve it. I think the only purpose of up/down-sampling is for HW compatibility reasons. If forced to re-sample, it's best to work with multiples (44KHz->88KHz) which requires both less work and should (hopefully) introduce less errors.
    Since you are stuck with DS, try 88KHz and see if that clarifies the clicks as good as 96KHz (speaking of which, I can support your findings - I never had trouble with DS & 96KHz source data).
    EAC - I've always used it and still do - it really does create great rips, albeit not without the occasional error (I have WAV files with a few permanent clicks in them). Speaking of which, EAC always creates a WAV file - from which it then creates the FLAC, MP3, etc. There is an option to "not" delete the wav file after the compressed file is created.
  13. bixby
    For those of you running analog line out of the Mojo into a single ended amp, what male stereo 3.5mm to dual rca male cable are you using?
  14. sheldaze
  15. blueninjasix
    I use this with my own rca interconnects into monobloc single ended amplifiers

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