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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. aangen
    Sub-zero water cooling jacket??!!  Where can I get that??!!
  2. betula
     [I am simply sharing this link for people, who are interested in different usb cables, as many of us use Mojo via usb. Avoiding any trouble I put this post in big brackets. :)]
  3. Mython Contributor
    Very heavy bias towards AudioQuest cables, there...
    Speaking of Audioquest: http://www.head-fi.org/t/795911/audioquest-caught-in-cable-scam
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  4. Mython Contributor

    I strongly suspect the AK70 is aimed at cashing-in on owners of a particular DAC-Amp, due to it's success, and the fact that it sounds easily as good as, and arguably better than, the TOTL AK DAP. If they can't beat the SQ of a $599 DAC-Amp + $100 smartphone, with a $3,500 DAP, then they may as well try to grab a piece of the action by creating a relatively-affordable partner for it, which (by a hilariously-absurd 'coincidence' [​IMG] is priced at exactly the same $599 as that DAC-Amp). iRiver also know that the discontinued AK100 has popularly been stacked with said DAC-Amp, by many audiophiles.
    I have no objection to AK producing a (relatively) sensibly priced DAP that will feed Mojo nicely. I just find it quite laughable that they're being so obvious about it, without openly saying it.
    Possible proof (not that it was needed) that Mojo took a big bite out of somebody's overpriced pie...
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  5. floydfan33
    It looks like the 2 and 3 series will get the AK70 OTG capability via Firmware but not the AK100II and AK120II if I read the info right.
  6. Paulus XII
    That's not working for me. The unit turns off after a while. Probably when it gets too warm. That was kind of a disappointment as I was going to use it as a DAC for my PC as well.
  7. Rob Watts
    You get the most power loss when it is charged from red; and when its being charged at full blue then the power from charging is very small.
    If you do need to charge and listen at the same time from red, and its in a hot room, then if you charge it with Mojo on its side so the top and bottom is in free air, it will not turn off. A head-fi poster mentioned this and it works well, as Mojo's power dissipation is almost doubled by doing it this way.
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  8. Paulus XII
    Well, that works for me. Many thanks, Rob.
  9. AudioBear

    I may be that poster. I mentioned quite a while back that I always kept my Mojo on edge like that and it has never ever experienced a thermal shut down while playing and charging.  And I've never had anyone tell me my Mojo is set on the wrong side either.   In fact, if you do it right the lights are more noticeable.  Which its good.
  10. aangen
    I am curious, what headphones are you driving when this happens to you? I have my Mojo flat on it's back when I am using it.
  11. Paulus XII
    PC speakers.
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  12. AudioBear
  13. Paulus XII
    Yes. Logitech Z623.
  14. deltronzero
    New type C to Micro cable for the Nexus 6P & Mojo! (sorry forgot to bring the mojo to office today ha...more pics tomorrow)
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  15. sabloke
    Where do I get one? That cable looks ace!

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