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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. willowbrook
    You can probably just make your own case too. Cut some pieces out, ask anyone who has a sewing machine to stitch it up for you.
  2. Marat Sar
    My Mojo has started making that disturbing little whirring sound when it recharges. It's kind of cute (if it wasn't scary). It even changes modes, like a car alarm, from purring to hushing to whirring. Sounds like something Radiohead would use in their songs circa 2005. 
    It's all good fun, but please tell me its nothing dangerous and I don't have to start digging up warranties and lord knows what...
  3. x RELIC x Contributor

    Chord has specifically said its fine, though I forget the exact reason. Perhaps the third post has some info in the battery and charging section (last entry)...

  4. Marat Sar
    If it's not dangerous, I have to say - I rather like it! The whir-and-purr is so silent you have to put your ear to the unit to hear it, so it's not annoying or anything. A cute little quirk, makes me think the unit is "special" or something :D Plus, I really like purring, I'm a cat person.
  5. Mython Contributor
    It isn't dangerous.
    As for cats purring:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBe2hxqJKzk , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vfpwMyS12Y
  6. henddy
    Its about 50% from what Sony promised...
    I know sound like ridiculous...
    But I've got better battery with iPhone 6s Plus and Lavricable.
    I know IOS lil bit drama for transferring files....
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  7. oceandream1

    1) I am interested in hearing comparison from people who own or have used both the ifi micro and the chord mojo. Both have similar price and perform roughly the same function. My focus is more on sound quality as compared to other features and/or functions. Mainly through laptop but may also use iphone occasionally. 
    2) Secondly I have a particular question about mojo. Can it really "properly" drive the more power hungry headphones. i have heard some conflicting views on this. but i guess a good way to ask my question more precisely is will the mojo produce the exact same performance in terms of sound quality as a good/powerful desktop amplifier for the more power hungry phones. In particular I am interested to know if it can maximize the potential of headphones like hd600 and hifiman he400s. Currently I have x2 fidellio but I may buy one of these in the short term. Thank you for anyone who can offer their views who have experience of both and can answer my questions. 
  8. ShreyasMax
    Ahem, in addition to the request in the post above, yours truly also would like to know how the Mojo compares in tonality to the iBasso P5 Falcon, when the latter is paired with iBasso D14.

    I too have the Fidelio X2 currently, and from my two weeks with the Mojo recently, I felt as if the X2 were driven to their fullest by the Mojo, and I enjoyed the naturalness of the tonality and accurate portrayal of timbre, and that was the only stand out feature favouring the Mojo when compared to my D14, imho. Thus I'm currently targetting accuracy of timbre, and if the iBasso Falcon is able to give me that, then I shall be able to save a couple hundred USD's.

    Thanks in advance, cheers
  9. costas23
    I don't get it, mojo sounds so awesome from my imac -> (cheap amazon) optical cable -> Oriolus IEM or Senn HD800 .... but when I want to be portable and switch to my android phone with UAPP and usb-cable the sound is just different (worse!)... I don't get any RF noise or glitches, it is just that the soundstage is smaller, the sound is not as clear, midrange seems more recessed etc....
    How is that possible with a digital data transfer? hmm... such a mystery... When I listen from my phone the mojo-magic is just not there.... then on the imac... bam! all the mojo-magic is back!
    I am thinking of buying an AK100 as a source now as I think the optical connection might be just better than usb... does anybody has a comparison with it and other sources, maybe imac through optical? Hope the AK100 is as good as the imac
  10. music4mhell
    Yes i got it, please tell me which USB otg cable you are using ?
    If possible give a pic.
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  11. Lohb

    Look to your source software in both. I use Audirvana+ on OSX and UAPP on Android. A+ gives a better overall SQ (sound-stage/dynamics/separation) These software players are not just file pass-through enablers, they impart their own signature to the audio file (and I don't know why.)
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  12. GoodEnoughGear
    Does it make a difference if you switch the phone to flight mode? I wonder if the radios are interfering enough to affect the stream but not enough to create pops/crackles etc.
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  13. costas23
    It is a cheap short usb-otg I got from ebay 
    I know, the cheap thing might be the culprit, but the optical cable I use from the imac is cheap as well (5€ from amazon) .. so I thought that it might be the optical connection. 
    Is there a comparison between a DAP that feeds mojo through optical (like the AK100) and a phone-usb? I am not sure that optical is always better, as many here are very happy with usb and phones but who knows :/
    I also thought of the software, but I think it is rather hardware based. I use my imac in bootcamp-mode and often switch to windows due to specific programs I need for work. I mostly use foobar with Wasapi (event) and the optical out of the imac. The mojo sounds fantastic from both, OSX and Windows, fed through optical out, so I think it is rather a hardware thing, but can't tell for sure of course, just my opinion.
  14. costas23
    yes, the phone is always on flight mode.
    btw. thanks for your quick answers guys, thats a great and helpful thread!
  15. knok56
    I find my android phone + Spotify via usb very very good compared with uapp, clics and poor sound...

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