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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. music4mhell
    I charge my Mojo with my Nexus(2015) charger which is 1.5A.
    The thing is there is a term called as "Conversion Factor", so what's mentioned on the charger, that's the output @ 100% efficiency, but we know nothing in this world is 100% efficient.
    Also with time the efficiency of the charger & cable decrease, so it's better to use 5V/2A charger :)
  2. singleended58

    I charge my Mojo and AK100mk2 with the GS4 charger which is a fast charger.
  3. agzerx
    Oh, good to know, the minimum is 1A, nice nice!
  4. jincuteguy
    Is 3A is the maximum the Mojo can take?
  5. agzerx
    Hey bro... do you GS4 using with Mojo? i have some questions...
    if  NOTE 4 is better then GS4 quality with Mojo. I dont wanna buy new NOTE4 if i already have the GS4,
    so.. i will just upgrade the SD CARD to 128GB.
    What can you tell me about the GS4 with Mojo and have you test anothers Samsung with Mojo?
  6. agzerx
    Great! Now im OK about it! Thanks so much bro!
  7. x RELIC x Contributor

    I don't know for sure as I haven't used a 3A charger, but like I said, the Mojo should only take what it needs.
  8. Rob Watts
    Mojo's battery is actually about 14Wh - Watt hours - is a better measure of battery capacity, as Mojo has two cells with a max total voltage of 8.4v. Your 5000mAh external battery is maybe only 18.5 Wh (assuming it is a single cell), and when you figure in inefficiencies in power delivery, you will need more than 18.5 Wh from a portable battery to fully recharge Mojo. 10000mAh single cell should be fine.
    As other posters have said, 1A is min, 2A is fine but Mojo will not charge any faster. I have controlled the charge time for thermal reasons.
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  9. x RELIC x Contributor

    That's a lot of power for the size of battery. Well done!!
  10. WNBC
    Fairly new Mojo user here, maybe a week or so.  At first I had been using it purely with my iP6+ or with the Carbon.  I liked it, but still waiting for that Mojo moment that I've been reading about.  Today, hooked up my old school Pioneer DVD-V7400 transport to Mojo via coaxial connection.  Now we're cooking.  Definitely not going into any technical details about the sound as it is just first impressions, but here the source is making a difference in my perception of the music.  Just sounds more live and dynamics are excellent.  Next up will be my computer as a source.  In the meantime, I'll be re-discovering my CDs.  Like most of you, I've owned cheaper and more expensive DACs.  The Mojo just sounds excellent.  Doesn't really need to be compared to anything else.  This is a good time for DAC buyers.  I feel the iFi DSD Micro and Mojo are really giving us amazing bangs for the buck.  Micro was another favorite of mine, but it's been a while since I owned one so I'm not going to draw comparisons, but myself would be happy with either one, each having its own disadvantages/advantages.    
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  11. agzerx
    Guys, help me out...
    How is the qualify of...
    ( Samsung S4 ) with the ChordMojo  VS  ( Samsung Note 4 ) with the ChordMojo
    * i already have the SG4, so i dont wanna spend more money on the NOTE 4 if the quality audio is the same or
    have no much difference... 
    # My other ( items are )...
    - Shure se846
    - Silver Dragon Cable V1 Shure ( moon audio )
    - Silver Dragon Micro USB B OTG ( moon audio )
    Help me out about this dilamme over ( SG4 vs NOTE 4 )
  12. singleended58

    Right now I have paired the Mojo with AK100mk2 and sometimes with iPhone 6 Plus and not tried yet with GS4 since I do not have OTG micro cable. However, I believe the SQ of GS4 is good enough to pair with Mojo.
  13. jincuteguy
    Well I'm about to order this Anker Charger for my Mojo
    Hopefully it won't break the Mojo [​IMG]
  14. music4mhell
    Does n't matter whether you use Note5/Note1/GS1/GS4.
    You will feel difference only when you will play some DSD file, because to play DSD you need more power(Ram, Processing speed).
    For other FLAC/ALAC files, IMHO there will be zero difference no matter which source you use.
  15. agzerx
    Oh, nice to know bro! Thanks so much! im happy about this,
    of course... as the SG4 ill be just the ( transport ) so... i think i'll be good with this combo fo play FLAC/ALAC/MP3 320Kbps
    Thanks so much!

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