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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. x RELIC x Contributor

    This is the type of 3.5mm 2 pole mono coaxial (Mojo side) to RCA adapter I used to connect the Mojo coaxial input.

    Pic from the review.


    Or, you can pick up something like this (choose your end).

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  2. Rowethren

    I guess the thing I find frustrating is that the Ha-2 didn't have any problems with it. If Oppo can shield their device properly why can't Chord?

    Whilst I agree that most of the time when music is playing you can't hear it that much when I go through a tunnel on the train and it drops signal it becomes as loud as the music which is actually uncomfortable for my ears.
  3. iichigoz

    This thing is sooooo amazing. Sounds like the Hugo to me but a tad warmer and it's really small...
  4. beemarman
    Are you streaming music when using the mojo? I find mine is a lot quicker when using Tidal in offline mode instead of streaming.
  5. Rowethren

    I was using Spotify in offline mode and wasn't using the internet at all.
  6. iichigoz
    Anyone knows where to get really short toslink cables? Wanting to connect the QP1r to the mojo...
  7. beemarman
  8. TokenGesture
    I had interference issues with the HA2 as well. Ended up buying an iPod for streaming purposes. 
  9. x RELIC x Contributor
    I don't like using my phone for the exact reason of EMI interference and call interruptions and storage space but I understand why others do. Have you guys considered trying something like 3M EMI shielding tape? For the record I have no idea how effective it would be.


  10. Rowethren

    I did think about doing that but as you said I am not sure how effective it would be. Anyone from Chord have any recommendations regarding reducing EMI other than airplane mode?
  11. TokenGesture

     bricking the phone really isn't a viable solution to this issue
  12. psikey
    I avoid trying to be descriptive as my only experience of high end is the SE846 as previously just used lower end Shure, Klipsch and some Audio-Technica ATH-M50X headphones. I found the HA-2 great apart from the background hiss but I didn't get the "smile on my face" so much better than I did with the Mojo. Its a yes to all the description you posted fro the Louis Armstrong track. I listen to just about anything really other than Rap/Country/Heavy Rock but don't have much in DSD
    My last stuff I posted in the other forum for anyone interested.
    Some pics
    Everything you get in the box
    My Sony OTG cable that has worked great (plus longer USB)
    And finally, managed to reuse a great sized Razer Orochi Mouse Case ideal for the OTG and small USB cable with Mojo with it also having the central divider [​IMG]
    Also tried the JRiver software on my XPS13 and works great with the Mojo without trying to get Foobar2000 configured correctly (though does cost) and now sounds as good as from the Note 4. With DSD Bitstreaming setting to None the Mojo indicated colour frequency and with it set to Bitsreaming: Yes (DSD) in shows white as with the Note 4 playback for DSD. Sounds massively better with its set to DSD Bitstreaming.
    JRiver playing a DSD Bitstream to the Mojo indicating white correctly
    PS, the Samsung S6 really takes stunning photos!!
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  13. obsidyen
    So when will the Apple adapter be released?..
  14. psikey

     What do you mean by interference? Some noise or small pauses in the music playback ?  I have no issues playing Spotify with offline music on my Note 4 other than the Mojo shows the power ball as Blue (192kHz) when Spotify tracks are supposedly 44kHz ??
    Maybe android 5.1 plays 192kHZ out to USB DAC unlike UAPP which does frequency to match the track ?
  15. Rowethren

    It is the typical jittering sound you get through audio equipment when a phone is near it like DU DDUDDD DU DDUDDD DUDUDDUUD DUDUDDUUD DUDUDDUUD
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