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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. fengwei007
    Has anyone tried HTC One M8 (with the latest Android OS6 - Marshmallow) together with Mojo yet? I have yet to try the combo due to lack of OTG cable (ordered one, and it's on the way). I saw some guys tried the combo in some earlier posts but seemed the M8 doesn't support Mojo natively, and the combo had some noisy background issue, but the OS was the earlier version. I wonder if this issue has been fixed in the latest Marshmallow OS.
  2. audi0nick128
  3. jmills8
    Nice then I can demo it here.
  4. Synthax
    Anybody has an opportunity to compare Squeezebox Touch with better power supply with MOJO ?
  5. Blasyrkh
    no need to compare, there's no story :p
  6. Synthax
    Please proove it :p Particulary DAC option alone. I know headphone output is different story.
    same price bracket: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B002LARRDA/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new
  7. rkt31
    one of many top reviews of mojo ! http://www.metal-fi.com/chord-electronics-mojo/
  8. rkt31
    mojo sounds so much like analog gear. listen it on a speaker system even from other room and it gives the impression of live music which is just like analog recordings.
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  9. Mojo ideas
    As long as it's not burst or pierced the battery will be fine it's held in placed very firmly. The unit in Korea that I'd swapped out was so severely dented on the top that I was concerned that the dent had compressed the battery so far that it was likely to split. Although it hadn't and the unit was and still is working fine.
  10. Mython Contributor
    If one looks inside Mojo, it is quite easy to see that it's solidly-built, with very little to break, in the event of a hard knock/fall:
    Mojo has a nice, solid, aluminium casing, much like Hugo [​IMG]:
  11. BaTou069
    Hey fellow head-fiers
    I'm considering buying the Mojo, but would like to hear about people with my headphones/equipment about synergy:
    - Nad Viso HP50
    - Hifiman HE-400
    - Shure SE846
    - Fostex TH-X00 (didn't arrived yet)
    I'm using as DAC/AMP right now:
    - LH Labs Geek Out 720
    - DX90
    Did someone switch from the Geek Out or DX90 to Mojo with one ore more of my headphones?
  12. Takeanidea

    Impossible to prove even if you have both. Whatever you like the sound of , go for it , enjoy it. I've not heard anything anywhere near the price bracket of the Mojo that compares to the sound quality to my ears and my preferences but that doesn't mean you might
  13. audi0nick128

    To be honest I don't see the correlation here... Probably it's me, just came home from work. :) Maybe I'll get it later...

    EDIT : possibly you thought I was being sarcastic calling Mojo/Nighthawk a killer combo, because the Nighthawks can be ordered with balanced cable and are therefore alone not suited well for Mojo?? I most definitely was not.
    Quite the opposite I was a little upset missing the offer and wanted to remind for this offer...
    Anyway... much said about nothing :D
  14. fengwei007

    Just a quick update on my own test. My cheaply OTG cable came in mail today. Hooked up the M8 and Mojo, played w PowerAmp app first, there was some noise once in a while, not that pleasant. Then tried the built-in HTC Music app, sound fantastic w no noise at all. Now I'm even happier w the Mojo :)

    The OTG cable (both sides have micro USB connectors) I got from China isn't that good quality, it disconnects quite easily if I touch it accidently. I guess a better OTG cable will be even better.
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  15. Blasyrkh
    just kidding :wink:
    anyway, if I have to speculate, the squeeze is a mainstream product, with maybe a good dac, but not as good as mojo's...considering what is capable of...
    obviously it has the touchscreen and something else, it's a different product
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