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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. audi0nick128
    I am not totaly sure, but I am almost certain , that I read  somewhere ,that if you leave Mojo connected it can drain even though Mojo is turned off!
    So store it without any  cables plugged in to be on the save side.
  2. sheldaze
    My search capabilities are severely limited at the moment, otherwise I would just jump to the post.
    My understanding is this:
    1. Mojo will drain when not in use.
    2. This drainage is unrelated to having cables plugged into the Mojo.
  3. Duncan Moderator
    Natural phenomena of the type of batteries used, all will fade over time and need recharging if not used for a long time...

    A real killer for that are Vorzuge amps, I swear after just a week the things are flat.
  4. warrior1975
    Absolutely, I have some devices that last month's, and some, like you said, a week.
  5. masterpfa
    With DP-X1

    With AK100
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  6. masterpfa
    I was trying hard not to leave myself open

    But alas I failed
  7. esm87
  8. chillaxing
    This is true to a certain point.  I vape and use li-ion all the time.  Sometimes I would charge a battery leave it somewhere and forget about it.  6 months later i find it put a DIMM to check and it will still hold 4.2v.
    im curious of what type of battery is being used on the mojo and why does it drain without use.
  9. oleWhiskey

    Such Dry Dry Dry humor. Hardy har har har. I figured it would be leather I should maybe say what type of leather is Chord using?

    What will be the price for this case.

    I wouldn't mind a Carbon or Kevlar Case though, Kinda like the Evutec Kevlar cases for smartphones
  10. Mython Contributor
    I've been under the impression that the Chord case will be (very nicely) made out of ordinary plastic.
    Sometimes simple materials can be used classily, if time & care are taken with the execution.
    The big corporations know this, too.
    It's only very recently that smartphones have gone all-alloy, for example.
  11. audi0nick128
    Hmm a plastic case wouldn't feel right to me though...On the other hand plastic might be able to cope with the heat better than genuine leather...
  12. Light - Man
    From the rear end of a Donkey's rear end [​IMG]
  13. warrior1975
    I was hoping for a nice carbon fiber case...but plastic will do.
  14. audi0nick128

    He was probably thinking of what kind of FANCY leather... like nappa or stingray :p

    Stingray would be cool though... Off to alibaba...
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  15. Peter Hyatt

    Well said. 
    I do not see Chord putting out anything less than quality befitting what they do.  I love leather and was surprised to see Beyerdynamic T1 go to "pleather" which they said improved the 'sweaty factor' and Mercedes Benz also to use artificial leather in some of their models.  I enjoy treating good leather, but trust Chord knows what it is doing here, and if it is plastic, I expect it to be almost 'old school' plastic that is very durable.  
    There was a German company, decades ago, that put out wonderful computer chess games (Mephisto), of which now are made, also in plastic, but are cheap, brittle, and easily broken, while these old school plastic (or wood) models from Germany that do not play 1/2 the chess that the moderns play, go for many times the cost on eBay.  Circa 1985, they were built in Germany and built to last.  
    I look forward to the Chord case, but especially the modules and what choices we will have. 
    I hope that we will be able to adjust to whatever plans Apple has with its rumors of getting rid of earphone ports entirely.  They seem to be consistent, over the years, of designing things that deliberately make obsolete what we may already have.  
    Anyone else concerned about what happens when our iPhone 6's kick the bucket?

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