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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. wahsmoh

    Mastering quality is the foremost important thing to sound quality. Then I think the chain goes 128 kbps < 256kbps <= 320kbps < lossless FLAC/WAV/ALAC
    I can't tell the difference between 16-bit FLAC to 24-bit FLAC. I only have one Eagles album in 24-bit / 192 khz and I don't have a 16-bit version of that file to compare.. but every time I listen to those tracks they never ever come across as sounding anything like a 256kbps mp3 and have much better SQ.
    320kbps and FLAC can be impossible to tell the difference with SOME tracks.. I have heard the difference on a specific album I own a 320kbps and FLAC version of and can prove it blindly. I wouldn't be afraid to back up my claims either if there is another meet coming up or if people near me locally would want me to put my money where my mouth is.
  2. chillaxing
    @esm87 sony ex1000

    @wahsmoh which lp is this

    I know it doesnt matter and it only matter what sounds good tobyour ears. But i want to knowvif my ears can tell the difference
  3. wahsmoh

    Pixies "Surfer Rosa" I got from 7Digital in FLAC and .mp3
  4. esm87
    Cool, where did you get your eagles album from? I wouldn't dispute your claims pal. Im just on the search for music that sounds amazing on the go. Im new to audio and you read so many people saying x sounds breathtaking and y sounfs incredible etc. I want to experience that lol
  5. Peter Hyatt

    I think the more hours you spend with Mojo, the more brain process recognition and you'll discern the difference.  
    Pre mojo, I could not tell the difference any more than 50% guess work.  I listen with Mojo several hours a day working and I am near 100% with much of it almost instant discernment.  
    I, too, did the Tidal 30 day free trial and intend on staying.  I was comparing it to iTunes, back and forth, and can tell the difference except where Apple Lossless is used.  (A few downloads) 
  6. wahsmoh
    I was looking for a simple way to stack my X3 and Mojo and I found out about the 3M dual lock tape. I cut some small evenly sized pieces with a box-cutter and made sure they didn't cover up the serial number. I tested this yesterday and today and this amount of tape is perfect for stacking.
  7. ksb643
    I use that same 1/4 inch to 1/8 adapter. Really need to get a proper cable.
  8. GreenBow
    I can't remember if you specified that you had an amplifier. If you do, then the Q Acoustics 3020 are probably the option. Or even the Q Acoustics Concept 20, if you have the deskspace; I think they are about 28cm deep. (Remember you will need some quality recommended speaker cable to absolutely hear the best of them. You'll only get a flatter slightly duller image without recommended cabling.)
    The amplifier in the Mojo is not really powerful enough to drive speakers, though I have read it can. Thus I had to mention that. Think either amplifier and speakers, or active speakers like I have. Active speakers mean you don't have to accommodate an amplifier on your desktop. Some integrated amps have quite a large footprint. Something like the Marantz PM6005 was not an option due to its size, for me.
    Look up the chain in terms of price too. Neat make some fabulous small speakers. Neat Iota, or Neat Motive 3. Smaller speakers will never have the depth of bass that larger cabinets can muster. However I love my BT3, and this is the way to do it.
    EDIT: I just remembered there is an active called the Dali Zensor 1AX for about £450. It reviews brilliantly. However the equivalent Dali speaker with a separate amplifier like the Marantz PM6005 would be better.
  9. wahsmoh
    I ordered a Norne Vanquish adapter with a 1/4 locking female end a few weeks ago that is on its way. I was thinking that same thing. It is the last thing needed to finish my portable rig for vacations [​IMG]
  10. audi0nick128
    Hey there,
    I am also looking for a desktop friendly set of speakers at the moment.
    In the mojo best synergy topic the Jbl 305s active monitors are mentioned to work magic with mojo.
    And if you don't need active speakers try to be patient and wait for the Elac UB5s before you make a decision...they are released April 30th... At least in the USA... If you think great Elac is a German company, I live 50km from there head quarter... You're in for a bad surprise... German release isn't even certain at this point... Oh I was taken away...
  11. UNOE
    I have the JBL 305s they sound great to with mojo much better than my other DACs.  But they are only monitors I have owned.  
    I find I can tell less difference between 320 mp3, 16 bit FLAC, and 24 bit with Mojo than I could with other devices.  I think it may be because I'm hearing so much new stuff even when listening to just mp3 it sounds great.  Maybe over time I will be able to tell more.  But with other DAC's in the past I could more easly tell the difference between formats.  I think my weak link may be my Momentums though.  I need to upgrade my cans.
  12. audi0nick128
    Definitely have to give the JBLs a try.
    What kind of cabling are you using?
    I have a pretty Standart 3.5mm to Dual 6.3mm that would work, but would be interested in impressions with higher quality cables.
  13. Peter Hyatt
    I appreciate, very much, detachable cables.  Yesterday, for the first time, I stepped on my T1 cable!  
    Also, I have been advised by a vet that the Amazon warehouse IE 80's could be damaged, or who really knows what they have been through.  this makes a lot of sense.  
  14. jincuteguy
    Would this Charger work make the Mojo charge faster?
    I know the Mojo doesn't support Quick Charge 3.0 but still other ppl review said it still make the Charge faster.
  15. Xacxac
    This topic might be already discussed before but I didn't find one.
    Does anyone know the type of rechargeable battery inside Mojo? How many ampere hour is the capacity? What's the maximum watt for charging?

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