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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. jmills8
    OK I bought a fourth phone within three days. The Huawei Mate 8 works with the Mojo. Neutron, Poweramp, Hiby an d five other players works on this phone with the Mojo.
  2. Mediahound
    As someone else mentioned, there is no  way to bypass the Mojo amp, you just get line out with it so it then acts as a preamp. 
    If you have a balanced amp however, it doesn't make a lot of sense to go single-ended into it if you have the Gugnir Multibit (which is a balanced DAC). Sure, the Ragnarok (balanced amp) can sound pretty good with the Mojo, but would be best to keep everything in the chain balanced for the best sound quality. 
  3. jmills8
    When it sounds good for me then its pure joy. You cant expect me to keep it "pure" and listen while not enjoy it. Really depends on the style of music. Certain styles requirers more of certain audio regions.
  4. captblaze
    I understand that, but I was asked about a comparison between Gumby and Mojo. The only way to get to the amp from Mojo is SE. so if I am to honor the request that is the way to go... I am plenty satisfied having each do perform their intended purpose, but I am curious and was asked to make the comparison
  5. Peter Hyatt

    I considered this, and the many technological posts by Rob.  Although I struggled with the science (I repeatedly looked up terms), I did not struggle with the language in which they made these claims:  straight forward, reliable, and without a need to persuade. 
    I compared this with the fact that corporations like Sony may have research budgets bigger than most companies' entire budgets, and considered that they do not post their scientific or engineering facts like Chord does.  With the scientific minds and freedom (still) of the internet, every claim they make is open to healthy, scientific scrutiny. 
    Next, I read every review I could find.  I continued to read reviews of other popular products in comparison, noting prices as I escalated up the chain of sophistication.  
    I then read what Hugo owners had to say, looking at what they spent, and how they felt about Mojo, including a few emotional posts. I considered the pricing.    I read DAVE posters, too.  
    I bought Mojo.  
    I found it 'not even close' to every other product I had tried.  
    This was so that it replaced my high quality desk top DAC, my high quality and well made amp, and my highly rated and nice portable dac/amp.  
    All of this is what caused me to consider that I may be holding  $5,000 or $10,000 worth of technology in my hand, excluding that it is built so solidly, that I have no fear of traveling with it.  
    If I could afford DAVE, I would purchase it, but I believe that I have come close to it, via Mojo.  
    Business wise, I think Chord has taken a major risk putting all of this technology (30 years culminating work) into a $600 package, much like the fact that the iPhone is a phone and an entire computer, in one, and only works, business wise, if sales are wide spread.  
    This is why I am grateful.  
    I am listening to music that under normal circumstances, I would not be able to afford such definition.  Last night was a school fair in which several entries were about music, including a marvelous award winning booth about Bach.  After the awards, with the family, I demo'd Mojo for people, using the T1s.  I should have taken pictures of how many 'open mouths' revealed the surprises they heard!  
    I am so very grateful to Chord for making this within my reach.  I will get a second for my wife, and if business ever gets to the point where DAVE is in reach, I'll grab him.
     It's the thankful 'satisfied ambition' balance.  
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  6. rkt31
    the same experience when I offered mojo with Beyer dt880 600 ohm to a person who first offered me his iPod for hotel California from hell freezes over and luckily I also had that song in my fiiox3 transport . the spontaneous smile on his face was telling everything .
  7. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    Customize the living **** outta the Neutron[​IMG]
    I went with burnt/rusted colors and customed everything on it...then customed the eq. I think my first 3 sliders are 28Hz (wide "Q") and 65 and 125.....great bass guitar depending on the bandwidth of the boosts. Welcome to Heaven!! Decorate the joint !
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  8. esm87
    Does it really make much of a difference with the mojo playing a file at 320kbp compared to the same song in FLAC?

    Science would say 320kbp vs FLAC is extremely neither here or there when it comes to the listening experience. I read somewhere that blind tests have shown that nobody can accurately and consecutively tell the difference.

    Im asking because i took the mojo back yesterday, put it down to my headphones not being good enough and the files fenerally low quality.

    Im now considering reloading a load of music back on my phone and creating new playlists. FLAC will take up far more memory over a few thousand songs worth of storage. Would FLAC be worth it?

    I picked up RHA T20i IEM's as an upgrade to my sony ex650.

    So would the RHA T20 and 320kbp or FLAC render a better experience, is FLAC the determining, consistent audio quality seperator?

    I really wanted to experience the mojo benefits over my s6 edge with sabre android hifimediy dac and cayin c5.

    Upgraded audio files with better quality IEM's the ticket to justify the mojo cost?

  9. jacobacci
    I didn't read through all 1'000 pages of this thread, so please excuse me if my question has already been answered.
    I have a 4TB Seagate Backup Plus 2.5" harddrive with FLAC, DSF, MP3 and M4A music on it, which I would like to be able to play while travelling. Plugging both the harddrive and the Chord Mojo into a laptop via USB will work for sure.
    My question is whether there is a more portable setup:
    - a DAP that reads the music from the harddrive and sends it to the Mojo?
    - using one of the Mojo's butt plates?
    - any other device?
    Thanks for any suggestions
  10. rkt31
    @GreenBow, thanks for the reply. can the in built amp of these speakers be bypassed ?
  11. warrior1975
    [@]Esm87 [/@]-I never heard a difference between flac and 320. Lower bit mp3s, absolutely. But my ears are terrible. I have yet to test flac and 320 using the Mojo, and I seriously doubt I will waste my time. I'll just enjoy what I have.
  12. jmills8
    I heard great sounding tracks that were MP3 and I heard terrible sounding tracks that were 24bit Flac. Usually its the other way around (50%).
  13. esm87
    Cheers guys
  14. chillaxing
    What I do is, I use spotify. If find that I really like a lp I'll then go out and find a CD copy of it.

    What I'm also doing, since I got the mojo, is subcribing to tidals one month free. I'm gonna stay strictly on it for the month, then go back to spotify to see if I hear a difference. I've done this before but this time, I'm strictly using my LG g3 mojo stack and a new set of iems that I have coming in.
  15. esm87
    what IEM bud?

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