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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. TheTrace
    Is rooting necessary for Mojo/Android or was it an attempt to gain 3rd party app functionality?
  2. captblaze
    have you tried to get into recovery mode to see if a custom recovery is installed, did he do a nand backup so you could return to the old system? I know it is a lot of questions, but there is quite a few variables that can affect the device. and also because Mojo will never be able to so its thing if it is connected to an electronic brick
  3. jmills8
    He said he can put it back but I will have to go back tomorrow.
  4. warrior1975
    jmills8 Damn bro that's rough. I can't get my lgv10 to work with viper and mojo either. It does work without viper, but viper is pretty important.
  5. Ike1985
    Why would you root immediately without even trying any of the apps, especially UAPP? I have S7 edge, use this cable:
    with UAPP and everything works perfectly.  I have not rooted anything.
    As far as Iphone's being better... Iphones will output all audio from all apps to mojo, bypassing the built in DAC in the iphone.  Androids will output all audio played through UAPP/Onkyo/hiby(dunno haven't used hiby) to mojo, bypassing the built in DAC in the android phone.  However, anything else you want to play via android phone; youtube, stitcher, tune-in, bandcamp, etc, it will all be upsampled before being sent to the mojo-at least for now as no one has developed an app that can send the output from these programs directly to the mojo as well.
    Also, why buy 3 phones? It would seem with a little research you could have just bought one that you knew worked instead of buying 3.  just curious.
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  6. jmills8
    Yeah, now I have an 8 hour new phone bricked and a 24 hr old LG phone. My original phone will play Onkyo.
  7. warrior1975
    Lg doesn't work with the stock music app?

    Like someone recommended earlier, did you try bolting into recovery? When you say bricked, is it turning on at all? Any activity on the screen? Or nothing? Big difference really.
  8. Light - Man
    Sounds to me that he has too much money and not enough patience! [​IMG]
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  9. jmills8
    says failed in red. Ill just bring it back to the guy. LG3 only onkyo will play but I didnt find this out until today.
  10. warrior1975
    Are you trying to use viper with it?
  11. jmills8
    Any good player will do. Hiby is nice aswell.

  12. Ike1985
    Hope he can fix what he screwed up. 
  13. masterpfa
    The saddest thing is, especially in hindsight, was getting their phone to work with USB audio first and foremost.
    The best choices with the phone out of the box would have been Onkyo HF Player, UAPP or Hiby.

    As great as the features are on Viper4Android and Neutron are, IMO not worth the hassle they have seemed to have gone through so far to get them to work, failing or even worse in this case a probable bricked phone.

    There are threads here on Head-Fi on phones and USB audio and a few suggestions in this thread on phones that have worked.

    Good luck @jmills8  in getting this resolved quickly.
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  14. rkt31
    why not to buy a used redmi phone solely for transport ? i have used ultra cheap redmi 1s in airplane mode. it works perfectly with uapp, hiby and should work with other apps also. it plays all files with uapp or hiby except some high res files over 24 96 or over dsd64. it is small and will stack well with mojo. however i use fiio x3 2nd gen as regular stack than redmi.
  15. warrior1975

    Looks fixable to me.
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