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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. sonickarma
    Sonickarma wins the Chord MoJo 1000 page 1st post competition!
    Great Work - John, Rob and the MoJo crew on an 'audio industry disruptor' - well done for setting a new bar.
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  2. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    You are 1 setting away from Heaven. Pretty sure the Note 3 should work fine with the mojo and Neutron. If you still don't have the pair working tomorrow I will check my settings and confirm with you step by step.[​IMG]
  3. warrior1975
    Neutron works perfectly with my lgv10 and Mojo. Still need more bass though!! (always the case)
  4. jmills8
    thanks, going to exchange the LG for a Samsung that can hold 128 gigs. My wife has a Samsung Tablet which does play many players. I hear and feel the bass through it and the Mojo.
  5. esm87
    Funny enough guys ive been messing about with the mojo, and cayin c5 amp. I can tell the difference between the bass on the two. The mojo will hit with force, the c5 will bang. To get the mojo to similar the volume needs to be dialled up and its probably going to be too loud. Im no EQ wizard like HBB but I do have my customs i created for my jvc sz1000.

    Just rechecked to make sure... c5 deffinetley hits harder, bear in mind I use the sabre hifimediy android dac with the c5 which makes it quite a bit more sensitive.

    Surprised myself how clear sounding and bass hitting ive managed to EQ the sz1000. I never knew what people used to mean by 'veil' until I tried the sz1000 without EQ lol.

    The mojo does drive these pretty hard. The bass is there just a level down from the c5 at same volume to my ears.

    I take it back tomorrow, bit gutted. Im going to order the new fender FXA7 (aurisonics harmony) and upgrade my music files then try the mojo again. Maybe it would have dropped in price by then too...
  6. Xacxac
    iPhone SE + Chord Mojo = killer stack :gs1000smile:

    Only ~2 mm protrusion on one side.

  7. Shenook

    I hope it does cause i want to buy one for my family too but quite honestly, I don't see this dropping in price for years... It is just too addicting... I love my benchmark dac2 hgc but find myself listening to the mojo way more due to portability... Benchmark is no slouch and can trounce the mojo with high ohm headphones but the portability cannot be beat... :headphones:

    Due to mojo I may consider dave 2 one day.
  8. esm87
    No doubt its a good gadget, i just dont have the hardware/software to capitalise on it yet. Ive spoke to a few people about it. Some seem to think it will scale better with better hardware and some seem to think its not a major difference. Each to their own, i will test it again in the future though!
  9. wahsmoh

    I am enjoying my X3II and Mojo combo. I'm happy we now live in an age where portable audio has caught up to the desktop stuff. I can enjoy no compromise audio anywhere :) and I just wanted to share pictures of my backyard with everyone
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  10. korotnam
     Thank you for the great pictures! Looks like a beautiful place to enjoy your tunes :).
  11. Peter Hyatt

    I second the gratitude. 
    Tomorrow, I will give the Sennheisier IE80 a try, from Amazon Warehouse and compare them to the Fiio EX 1's I have.  Generally, everything is T1.2 with Mojo, but I need a good pair of portables, and can't spend much money because...
    I promised my wife she could have her own Mojo!   She is hooked and the autism-sensory issue of data overload passed.  She is hearing much more and enjoying it.  We backed it down in time and to simpler music, and less time, but daily, this increased.  She is just beginning "Rites of Spring" and has to limit the time a bit due to complexity and intensity.  
  12. mrback
    Man, I'm having issues here connecting my x5ii to my mojo. got a Fiio L21 cable today which Fiio advised me would work with my mojo. I'm using with the 3.5mm coaxial cable that came with the X5ii & plugging it into the end of the L21 cable then into the mojo but there is nothing, the mojo detects no signal (no colours etc) cant beleive this doesnt work! how frustrating. am I doing something wrong somewhere? I have set the output to coax on the player. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  13. Mython Contributor
    Can you post a photograph of your set-up, please? I understand what the L21 cable looks like, but I'm not familiar with the one you say is supplied with the DAP.
    Are you using this one?:
    OR this one?
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  14. harpo1
    That's not going to work.  If you use the L21 you'll need the cable that comes with the E17.  Basically you'll need a 3.5 mm trrs to 3.5 mm mono.
  15. uzi2

    It looks like the L21 cable is the same as the one supplied with the X5ii, but terminated in male rather than female RCA coax.
    You want a cable that is terminated in 2 pole (mono) 3.5mm for the Mojo - see post 3
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