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Chord Mojo 2: Speculation Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by TheEldestBoy, Jul 30, 2018.
  1. TheEldestBoy
    Hi Guys,

    How long ago was the Chord Mojo released?

    The Hugo 2 is out now.

    Any idea on when the Mojo 2 might come out?
    Any rumours, etc?
  2. Ra97oR
  3. Colors
    Hope they fix the RF noises with smartphones. Was a deal breaker for me and returned two despite loving the SQ.
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  4. racebit
    I would be very happy with Mojo2 = Mojo + PentaConn (for double output power) + Dual channel Coax input (for mscaler)
    That should be very simple to do. But I guess they will increase tap number, they always do with every new dac.

    I just hope they keep the Mojo simple) and cheap, without all the garbage that infests the other chord dacs (except Qtest): bluetooth, remote, useless output connectors and buttons.
  5. racebit
    Could you please give some guidance on that relation. I found that Mojo uses the Artix-7. What do you think it will be replaced with on Mojo2? I did not find a roadmap on that page.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2018
  6. Whazzzup
    The hampster wheel works it seems.
  7. chihangs
    I too really looking forward to the mojo 2 . Currently mojo poly user and enjoying it very much.
    Would love to upgrade to mojo 2 when it comes out and hope it will still work with current poly .
    All my iem cables all use 3.5 Trs. All other dap these days either use 2.5 or 4.4.
    I would like to wait for mojo 2 and stick with 3.5 and enjoy chords dac sound. Hugo 2 is too big for portable and the power is a bit over kill for my sensitive iem that makes it sound a bit harsh and not comfortable to my ears.

    Really hope chord is working on the mojo 2 project
  8. racebit
    I also hope it works with Poly, but for the opposite reason. i don't care about Bluetooth or any Poly feature, so I hope Mojo 2 does not come with it.
    But I am almost sure Mojo 2 will work with Poly. If not it would be a big blow to Poly users.
    Mojo has two 3.5mm connectors. I think the right choice for Mojo 2 would be one 3.5mm and one 4.4mm to make everybody happy :)
  9. chihangs
    To be honest .... I would like chord to stick to one 3.5 port and have the extra space to improve on sound or battery life .
    I guess everything little space counts in this smal case.
  10. racebit
    But I think the 4.4mm improves sound quality and battery life.
    The 4.4mm is likely to become the future universal connector for headphones.
    4.4mm is balanced, and I although Chord Dacs do not benefit directly from balanced output nor does any headphone benefit directly from balanced output...
    ...balanced output provides a trick, it gives more than double the output power without requiring more power.
    That means two important things:
    1. Having more output power improves sound quality, as less output power reduces bass performance. This is because Mojo output power decreases with higher impedance, and headphones have higher impedance on bass frequencies.
    2. If balanced requires less than half the power for the same output power, that means more than double the battery life.
    Please anybody correct if I am wrong.
  11. Paubing60
    I hope if they do a mojo 2, the price isn't too much higher then the original

    Did the hugo 2 have a significant price difference between the original hugo?
  12. iDesign
    USB C would be a nice logical progression for the Mojo 2.
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  13. chihangs
    If mojo 2 use usb c then it won’t be able to connect with poly which is micro usb.
  14. iDesign
    The Poly creates so many issues. Can you imagine Chord not moving the design of the new Mojo forward because they have to always be concerned about backwards compatibility? That means the devices cannot change in size/shape, move to a new USB standard, etc. etc. Chord's product strategy sometimes feels shortsighted.
  15. Hanesu
    I want a Mojo/Poly combination in one machine - of course in the size of the Mojo! ☺️

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