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Chord & Major - Major 7 Jazz, 8 Rock, 9 Classical Review

  1. shigzeo Contributor
    This is a slightly truncated version of my full review which is up at Ω image
    It seems this is a pretty hot topic lately. Chord & Major have been around for a little while, but new for 2013 is the Major series, which, above all, is 'classy'. Major 9 is wrapped in maple and each earphone is clad in heavy metal. 
    The look is shiny and solid. Immediately noticeable is the interesting finger tab/cable loop that keeps the earphone-end cable from straining at weird angles. The cable slides in and out of the tab, so it's not a fullproof relief, but it is interesting and helps in getting the earphone in and out. 
    The Box
    is like a tiny Bentou box. You can take the inside sections out, and if you aren't very hungry, put a bit of lunch in. I dig this design. 
    What's in the box
    6 ear tips, one polishing/wax brush, a small towel-like carrying bag, and your earphones. Well laid out. Looks great. 
    Simply put, 8 and 9 are very similar, 8 having a bit more midrange energy and 9 having a bit more low treble energy. 8 also boasts a bit more mid bass. But both are very close. 7 is mostly midrange with very little upper mid and lower treble sparkle. It is the most 'closed' sounding of the three, pretty much good for very small ensembles, but honestly, not one I'd recommend for jazz. Both rock and classical offer more natural listening for pretty every genre, including jazz, but if warmth is key to how you listen, try out jazz. Major isn't about lots of space. It's about timbre and lush transitions. Classical and Rock, especially, sound very good. They are speedy enough for trance, and rock has a bit of dirt... for rock.
    Overall, Major is impressive. 
    I'd love to see Chord & Major make their earphones as good as they look. From arm's length, they are pure luxury. But in front of the eyes, there are myriad imperfections that Sennheiser's Axel would be all over (I know, I saw him tear apart a new 'German' earphone at Fujiya's 2012 October show) for showing a few bumps. But it's true. If you want something to be thought of as classy, you go all the way. I'd even pay more for a perfectly tooled Chord & Major. I'd pay a lot more in fact. 
    As you can see, C&M's Major earphones look great in photos. I find Jazz's understated body to be the most beautiful, followed by Classical. Rock is cool but its imperfections show up more because of the lacquered body. 
    Ortofon M or L tips are the most comfortable. The included tips are shallow and may not get good seal with a number of ears. With ortofon, Major is a comfortable hit. Except for small bowled ear people. Major's body is large, so such people may find it hard to fit Major. The earphone's flange is great, hooking most ear tips with incredible firmness. 
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  2. GL1TCH3D
    I hope I don't get shot for bumping this but I really enjoy the C&M Rock.
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  3. Saoshyant
    Never heard of them before, but that is one beautiful item.
  4. L0SLobos
    Link to webpage?
  5. Shawn71

  6. shigzeo Contributor
    They have a new one, the C&M 6. I'm not finished reviewing it, but should be in a few weeks. I think they are getting better and better at what they do. 
  7. shigzeo Contributor
    Not shootee here. Sound preference is all personal. Quality as measured along benchmark lines is something else, but not everyone has to love perfectly flat sound. I don't.
  8. LFC_SL
    Back from my first trip to Tokyo woo
    Picked up lovely headphoning toys for myself but did grab 2x C&M Classical for the siblings as presents. Best sound of the three for me and there are many manufacturers who charge way more for less sound. For example thought they were better than the JVC wood series adjacent in the e-earphone shelf
  9. shigzeo Contributor
  10. LFC_SL
    Loved Tokyo, completely killed interest in UK sushi. Already want to go back. Definitely sounds like a good idea to have a translator :p

    UK pricing a joke, might as well make a holiday out of audio purchasing
  11. shigzeo Contributor
    Some prices here are insane. The same Profoto gear that costs 500 euro in Europe costs 1000 euro here. Imports generally are at least 1/3 more expensive, often double. But japanese stuff is often on par or just a bit more expensive than in the USA, which should be much cheaper than in the UK.

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