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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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  1. jmills8
    I would check the charger.
  2. elviscaprice

    ​Yes, it is the easiest way to keep charged.  All Lipo batteries suffer being fully charged and never cycled, especially if stored in such a manner.  I wouldn't worry about it, just enjoy it, if you think to cycle it on occasion, do so.  If your going on vacation and will not use for awhile, discharge it down to green, about 50 percent.
  3. Rossliew
    oh schucks...hope either Frank or Rob can chime in here?
    Its the stock charger that came with the Hugo
  4. elviscaprice

    ​I would be more concerned about the charging protection circuitry in the Hugo.  My suggestion, contact Chord dealer purchased from, or Chord UK and they will probably have you send it to them.
  5. xeroian

    Here's a quote from Chord that I took a copy of months ago. Think this may be your problem.

    "It sounds like you have completely depleted the batteries, and it will enter safety charge mode. So switch Hugo off; disconnect the charger for 10 seconds; reconnect the charger and charge overnight. If the battery LED flashes, disconnect the charger, wait 10 seconds, reconnect. When in safety mode you must charge with Hugo off.

    When Hugo is on, the auth LED must be on."

    Fingers crossed.
  6. Rossliew

    Thanks will try it tonight
  7. WilliamLeonhart

    Thanks for the tips.
  8. WilliamLeonhart
    Here's my report after half a year with the Hugo: while details are almost perfect, it's boringly bland. Which is a good thing for my headphones (Grado, ATH etc), which often have their own color instead of leaning for neutral. However on my speaker system which use a Denon power amp to drive Klipsh, Hugo turns out to be too dry. I'm looking to add a Little Dot as a preamp in between.
  9. mathi8vadhanan
    What models are your Denon and Klipsch? Maybe all you need is a Sub-Woofer.
  10. Herueyes
    Hello John,
     My Hugo is currently with Chord in England for service (I personally gave it to Matthew at Canjam NYC) and I was sent an invoice for return postage. The return postage was 10 pounds + 20% VAT (2 pounds) = 12 pounds total. I was told that Chord only accepts wire transfers as payment so I went to my bank (Chase) here in the United States. My bank charges $50 USD as a wire transfer fee which is over 3 times the amount I would be sending... Is there another way I can send you the 12 pounds so I can get my Hugo back across the pond? 
     -  Herueyes [​IMG]
  11. Frank Hardly
    This is a rather facile argument. My 2 1/2 year old Hugo just bit the dust and I didn't plan on making a big deal about it on the internet until I read this remark. Had to send it to the other side of the continent to learn that it would cost me $300 to replace. I'm upset enough about this that I'm planning on selling the damn thing when I get it back and never ever buy a non North American product again and similarly one that has a half baked design that doesn't allow user replacability (a bigger deal for me than the sound) - sorry this is referring to some post a while ago made by an individual that stated that there aren't very many battery failures from a search on the internet. I think this whole issue is going to be a very big deal for people who've paid over $2500 to buy a premium product only to have an extravagant maintenance cost fairly young into the life cycle of a product.
  12. miketlse
    When you buy your next US built car, will you also insist that all the components are user replaceable?
  13. Triode User

    Banks are usually the worst for fees for international money transfer.
    But why don't you email Chord direct to sort this little issue out. They must have a solution as it can't be the first time they have invoiced small amounts internationally.
    Why post in a public forum?
  14. Frank Hardly
    Gee aren't you funny. Yes, a consumable product like a battery is replaceable by me.
  15. Hooster
    It is funny you should say that. When the battery in one of my cars or motorcycles fails, guess what. I go out and buy a battery and replace it myself. It is a piece of cake. For an expensive product such as a Chord Hugo one would have thought that making it so that the owner could replace his or her battery would be a priority.
    And while I am here, does Chord live in the stone age? How is it that a company of their size in 2017 is not even geared up to accept an online payment. "Wire transfer". Is that some kind of sick joke?
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