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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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  1. LFC_SL
    Optical and coax is slightly better than usb input on original Hugo imo but it is not night and day. Do you need the portability of the original Hugo? imo Hugo TT will deliver much more bang for your buck
  2. AndrewH13

    Two days into TT tour and still not able to input music! Can you confirm that there was no coax adapter supplied? Having only BNC connector on the TT is quite frustrating as most digital coax leads are Phono. Have Fiio and iBasso DAPs but no way of connecting, unlike Original Hugo that has standard RCA socket. Awaiting one in the post, but with other accessories supplied, I thought one might be supplied as they changed from Hugo's connection? Many DAP owners will be stranded until getting a converter or new lead. And with a converter, any benefit of BNC will be lost I would have thought.

    Reminds me of having Naim AMPS with all BNC inputs, and dealer telling me its fine, just buy four converters and use existing leads. Not sure the benefit of this!
  3. JamesBr
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    +1 I have to agree with you on this one. Price/quality ration + portability.
  4. Juan Virgo
    I use now AK120 and AK100 , via optical, checked with AK240 (sold), have not notice any difference, they gives the same
    optical output. (At least me and my friends can not notice any significant difference.
    The optical is preferred by me. A superb liquid and 3D sound. So much better then USB from PC.
  5. LFC_SL
    None that i could see. Thankfully my mess-of-a-cable draw is well stocked
    Quite. Certainly would not buy a new transport just to change input selection
  6. OK-Guy
    unlike most manufacturers Chord Electronics supply a plethora of leads/connectors with their products, most only supply the basic usb-connector/charger and any other type of connector is down to the Customer to purchase... obviously I dropped the ball where the TT-Tour is concerned as I never foresaw this problem, if you send me the receipt for adapter I will recompense your good self, hth... [​IMG]
  7. FortisFlyer75
    Can send it to me as it is my adaptor! [​IMG]
  8. OK-Guy
    that depends on which footie team you support... you know the coo... [​IMG]
  9. AndrewH13

    Got dozens of leads and accessories. And DAP manufactures supply leads for their digital Outs. But connecting a DAP via BNC is unusual!
  10. AndrewH13

    Just home from Hospital (mum taken in this morning) and adapter here. Thanks John, you're a star, could really do with a bit of relaxation tonight listening to TT!
  11. OK-Guy
    hope everything is ok mate... Fortis can be real helpful at times, rare for a Spuds fan... [​IMG]
  12. AndrewH13

    Not too clever, found her lying on floor sobbing in her 'supposed' warden controlled flat. Shes 91 and been there hours after a fall. Cutback means no wardens at weekend!Fingers crossed.

    Oddly, we got stuck on way back from Canjam, no trains past Shenfield, 20 miles from home. After 2 hour delay, we met up with two dejected Spurs fans trying to get home after a 0-0 and shared a cab. Nice fellows. Do you know, Ive even met the odd Hammers fan who's OK :)
  13. zachawry
    Hi all. I'm thinking of selling my AK120II to get a Hugo. I would use my iPhone or Mac as transport. 
    My thinking has been than because the sound files are the same, I wouldn't be losing any SQ over using my AK120II as a transport for the Hugo. After all, it seems like a lot of money for a glorified hard-drive and a play button, which is basically what the AK becomes when just supplying the data to the HUGO, right? 
    However, looking back on some recent posts, it seems I might be wrong. 
    Given the huge size of this thread, can some kind soul give me the common wisdom on the SQ when using USB in from iPhone/Mac, compared to something like the AK? 
    Thanks a lot!
  14. rkt31
    somewhere someone asked, is yggy better than Hugo ? don't have much on net but there is a dedicated topic for yggy on headfi something like bunch of DACs etc. in that discussion the op seems to be biased against Hugo IMHO as he put Hugo in the last and the most admired quality of Hugo which is smooth treble, he found it to be very poor. there are some posters who might deliberately target Hugo/Dave/TT . I have not compared yggy myself so can't say much about it. but Hugo along with its smooth natural presentation has one more advantage which yggy does not have is that Hugo is a very high quality digital pre amp too. when mated with a top end power amps like benchmark ahb2 with low gain setting, hugo does what which can't not be done by any combo at that price point. ahb2 at low gain setting allows Hugo to operate in 2v to 3 v output range for more than enough volume levels with say 88db sensitivity speakers. the result is the dead silent background,decays and details which you might never heard earlier. instruments are so precisely located in the soundstage that one can fathom virtually the three co ordinates of the instruments. in movies the explosions can be located like on 1/3 screen wide towards left or towards right or even behind the audience even in two channel down mix mode. rob watts is so right when he says that Hugo can be much more transparent when fed directly to power amp. I think Hugo is much more underrated as pre amp after using it with benchmark ahb2. TT might have slight edge but you pay extra too.
  15. OK-Guy
    did I ever mention that I have a penchant for chocolate ice-cream... yummy, yummy as we say in Kent... [​IMG]
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