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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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  1. mathi8vadhanan
    It hisses with SE846 and 1964 V3. But, It's perfect with IE800 and HD700.
    I see your RS1e is 99.8 dB/ 32 Ohms, you should be fine.
  2. Whazzzup
    There should be no hiss. Don't know grado. I have 846 shure and there is no hiss. Im not sure why or how some folks say there is.

    Concerning transport, i have the hugo leather case and provides some protection to usb conection, however its problomatic with camera kit adapter. I bought 3-6-12 inch usb micro conectors and have played with those in various configurations. Its fine hand held and works ok in a deep large pocket. Its not the smallest and sturdiest of portable conections for real outdoor usage. But the sq still knocks my socks off for lounging about and casual walk abouts. If portability is of the extreme its vamp verza or direct to iphone 6 plus for me
  3. stevencg
    Thanks for the quick reply guys. Just curious, sennheiser hd800's over kill for the Hugo?
  4. dallan Contributor
    Hd800 I use it a lot with Hugo.
  5. mathi8vadhanan
    May be its the sensitivity and the fact that Hugo is too powerful. SE846 and V3s hiss when I plug them into my desktop amp (A28) as well, where as IE800 is silent and perfectly comfortable.

    With the hugo and SE846, the hiss is mild, but you know its there. Its definitely not pitch black, like when I plug into my iPhone or AK120 II.
  6. Whazzzup
    There is something problomatic in your set up
  7. mathi8vadhanan
    Are you sure? From the designer himself,

    Did you try with the stock cable? May be your 8 wire cable is adding resistance like the attenuator.
  8. Jeff Y
    I heard no hiss with the 846 even with the music off on the Hugo. Perhaps it was because I was using the Hugo with the DX50 feeding music through the coaxial input instead of something else like the USB input. Like it was mentioned a few times before in this thread, it may vary from one Hugo to another.
  9. Whazzzup
    I use usb, so it must be hugo specific. Jazz also says he hears none and he has some acute ears. Maybe it is my cable?
  10. Jeff Y
    Probably not. I'm sticking with the guess that it differs from Hugo to Hugo. To be honest, I wonder why this is since on paper, the Hugo is supposed to have incredibly low ohm.
    Despite not being able to hear much hiss from the setup that is made up of DX50 -> coaxial cable -> Hugo -> SE846, I have incredibly sensitive ears that I actually don't like (other than when listening to music at home) because I have to wear earplugs almost 24/7 when I'm elsewhere than my own house. Straight out of the DX50's headphone output, hiss is quite easily audible.
    I actually went to a doctor to get my ears checked and I can hear up to around 20Khz. It's supposed to be normal for me since I'm only 17 but most kids can't because they turn up the volume on their phones too loud. Also, I was told that I have a "condition" where I'm too sensitive especially to the high frequencies so they said I should get custom IEMs that I have to plug in 7 hours a day and listen to the high frequencies that I am sensitive to. This way, my ears are supposed to "adjust" to the frequencies. However, those frequencies are not only annoying, they hurt my ears so I just said no to the IEMs. I felt like it is basically degrading my high frequency hearing that way, plus it's painful.
    Anyway, the solution to the USB hiss problem that many have suggested on this thread is USB interfaces like the WYRD and such but I can't speak about the sound because I've never gotten my hands on one... yet.
  11. Duncan Moderator
    crossing between threads, we're not saying that it is like an off tuned FM radio, but like the noise a CRT TV makes if you put your ear to it, you know it's there, but don't pay attention to it...
  12. seeteeyou
    $25 (150 RMB) unofficial CCK for iPhone 4 / 4S running iOS 7.X or above
    Please pick the last "30pin转micro" option and ask the seller to replace the "fat" micro USB connector with something thinner
  13. goobicii
    I have to admit sometimes I judge product by how person who invented it looks like,that man here looks extremly intelligent to me,like IQ140+ Mensa genius,a cutting edge history changing techno prophet
    cant wait to try DAVE with He-1000
  14. lovethatsound
    That's JF not RW.
  15. StryGR
    Marketing requires also high intelligence as R&D does. :)
    goobicii likes this.
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