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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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  1. RoundRound
    Hello Rob,
    Here are a couple of questions about the digital volume control and plugging the Hugo directly to a power amp. I'm puzzled by these and I'm sure others are too.
    I followed your advice on connecting the Hugo to a power amp - my amp (Classe Cap2100) is integrated but has an HT bypass mode - that is essentially a power amp. I think it sounds better but not sure.
    When used in this mode than the amps volume control doesn't work (obviously) so I use the digital volume control (via Jriver) to reduce the volume and change it as needed - I'm too lazy to go us to the Hugo every time... :wink: My Hugo is connected via Toslink to the computer.
    My question is how much can you lower the digital volume control (in Jriver bit stream) before we start to introduce distortion? I've seen people suggest that up to 20% of the volume but you are the expert...
  2. Sound Eq
    this handle is so so ugly and useless
  3. joeexp
    Another opportunity missed to get feedback from the loyal customer-base first before producing a useless "feature".
    Why is Chord even getting involved here in this forum if they can't be bothered to ask and listen to what Hugo-users really want.
    The power of social media completely wasted .... very sad
    CHORD 1: Usability: 0
  4. kkcc
    A number of us had expressed a preference of a simple/utilitarian type case ever since OK-Guy posted the first photos of the prototype.  We can only hope Chord (or some third party) would come thru with another case eventually.
  5. weisse muller
    Regarding the handle can you please list the other useless features that Hugo has. You guys are obviously very knowledgable about all aspects of the design perhaps you can list everything you've designed I guess they didn't have handles either. The tiny handle is for your thumb by the way if you have one free.
  6. isquirrel
    Looks very odd, certainly won't be using it
  7. joeexp
    just a few more examples:
    a) The Rubber Bands provided are useless - not elastic and rubbery enough to hold anything strapped to the Hugo.
    Also the ridges on my Hugo don't line up a 100% between top and bottom half - so those rubber bands jump out of position even more easily
    b) The Rubber feet (Silicone?) at the bottom of the Hugo are to close together and too far from the edge which makes the base very "unstable"
    I had to buy my own rubber feet from the local DIY store to stick them where they are supposed to be going ....
    c) The On/Off Switch is small O.K. - I get it. But putting it next to the HD USB plug at close proximity is just plain silly. I'm having real problems switching it on and off...
    If it wouldn't be for the sound ...
    They should employ a good Product Designer really!
    Or fire whoever designed the outer shell of the Hugo!
  8. weisse muller
    You hold the Hugo in your hand your thumb goes through the loop it's for when your want to operat the volume control with your index finger of the same hand it provides stability and security incase you push to hard and could drop the unit.
    The feet position recesses are determined by the thickness of the metal due to the diameter of the batteries they are positioned also to secure a phone if it's strapped to the back of the unit.
    It's your choice not to use the neoprene bands.

    Chord say the cases are better than earlier unit as their metal work company have for some time been numbering lids and bases for a match to within 0.005 mm
  9. joeexp
    Are you working for them > Chord Electronics??
    Bad design is bad design is bad design. No excuses!!!
    What size hands do you have - stick your thump through the loop and use you index finger??
    Crazy World!
  10. LFC_SL
    As no-one outside the factory and team have held the case then need to reserve full judgement.

    The handle raises a ? but then again I have never shared the attraction of flip-style cases for mobile phones but there is a market all the same.
  11. alubis

    In my case, it's a night and day difference between connecting the hugo to preamp and to power amp. I prefer connecting hugo to power amp directly. My integrated has similar feature such as yours. I'm using the home theater bypass function as well. But I control the volume via hugo (annoying, i know, because i have to get up and walk to hugo).
  12. OK-Guy
    no, Wiesse-Muller does not work for Chord Electronics.
    I have sausage-fingers which are compounded by a three-way tremor and do not have any problems with USB connects or on/off buttons, the volume button is welcomed by me just like the buttons on my ZX1, functionality via physical buttons is great for anyone who has tremors.
    I've been using my prototype case for a few weeks now (slightly different straps) and can honestly say the handle is also a boon to use especially in my experience. I can get the occasional bad tremor which is uncontrollable so sometimes things get dropped... the handle negates the problem entirely as I have something to slip my fingers into for extra security which is way better for me than carrying a stack, which on the odd occasion can be problematic... bad design in your eyes is excellent viewed through mine.
    obviously some do not like the design of the Hugo or case and nothing what I say will change that... I very much doubt if I will be suggesting a swing back to conventional DAC/Amp designs of a knob plonked on top of a oblong box... some like progress others don't such is the way of life.
  13. fire2368
    If the Hugo can do DSD128, how come my JRiver can't be set to 2XDSD? Does anyone have this problem?
  14. CanDude
    U2’s song "Every Breaking Wave" from their new album "Songs of Innocence", released some hours ago (free to download from iCloud), seems to be about (Chord) Hugo, even if I don’t understand the meaning...
  15. ted_b

    I use JRiver 24/7 and have no issues with playing DSD128.  What exactly do you mean by "set to 2XDSD"?  For native DSD128 DSF or DFF files simply make sure you have JRiver set to bitstream "DSD", nothing else...... and for upsampling (which I assume you mean when you say "set to 2XDSD") its in the DSP settings under Output format, output encoding.  Feel free to watch my two screencast  videos for tweeks and tips.
    Here's a screenshot of DSD128 upsampling choices
    Also, keep in mind that the Hugo only does DSD128 via USB (or the very few 384k-capable USB-SPDIF DDC's like the AP1 SE version or Audiobyte's Hydra-X +)....and I see you own the AP1 (non SE I assume) so if you use that box you won't get DSD128.
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