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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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  1. CosmicHolyGhost
    boy, did i just spend the last 45 minutes shooting out 3 sets of RCA cables with Hugo using the same piece of music......? how do people do this for a living....?[​IMG]
  2. Rob Watts
    I looked at the SE846 user manual, the sensitivity is extremely high (114dB 1mW 9 ohms), so you will hear some hiss from Hugo. They seem to have an in-line attenuator, so try that - this will eliminate the hiss, but I can't say whether it will affect the SQ.
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  3. Cenacheros
    Oh that's easy.I don't know how to !
  4. Cenacheros
    So simple !
    A shirt right angle one would better . It would take the stress off the device
  6. Cenacheros
    Yes I agree,I have a similar one for using a Dragonfly with my Macbook,it keeps it nice and flush.I will only use a Hugo at home,as part of a desk top setup,so it's not so important.
    The reason I've been looking into the adapter option,is because I'm happy to get a decent USB cable,but £45/50,as opposed to £100.The lower priced ones,Furutech Formula 2,or Chord Silver Plus,will be fine.they both need an adapter.
    I have an adaptor at my home. Honestly I just use it on the trains. I do want a better one but it must be a complete device and an angle on the micro side.
    There was a link to a British comapAny posted here a bunch of pages back.
    When I have time I am going to order it and be done
  8. obsidyen
    IE800/Hugo combo no hiss, nothing.
  9. RoundRound
    Hello People,
    A quick question on cables.
    I understand the 'case' for expensive (£100-ish) USB cables is that they are RF shielded so we don't have the noise floor modulation that Rob so helpfully explained a few pages ago.
    However, here in my set up (Hugo - HD700) I compared between the stock USB cable in what I imagine is a noisy RF environment (2 computers, screens, charges, phones etc...) and a toslink optical connection to my PC (some generic cable I have).
    Personally I didn't hear an obvious difference, maybe the optical cable was a tiny bit clearer...?
    My question is that if Toslik is impervious to RF noise (being made of plastic/glass) than no posh USB cable could top it SQ-wise...? Is that correct?

    What do you think?
  10. kensonic
    Wow, what I have seen/read so far is that Hugo can drive:
    - IE's
    - HD800
    - Audeze
    - Abyss

    Hard to believe ...
    I am considering to buy Hugo as semi-portable rig (source: MacBook Air, mobile player).
    Would Hugo really drive my HD800, LCD2.2, (HE 560) with authority ?
    I heard the HD-901 / HE-560 combi. To me, it was borderline (balance card).
    The AK240 / HD800 was not acceptable to me.

    Thanks for any comment !
  11. OK-Guy
    believe... resistance is futile... [​IMG]
  12. obsidyen

    HD650s... Drives them with authority (300 ohms). HD650s never sounded so transparent to me.
    Right now I'm listening to Complicated by Avril Lavigne. Guitar notes and drums never sounded clearer with another dac.
    Wow, the children choir part in Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall sounds so real, like they're in front of me. I literally got  goose bumps. And I don't even like Pink Floyd that much.
  13. kensonic

    Thanks, than, it should drive the HD-800 too.
    Any experience with planars !

    @OK-Guy, I am still trying ... :astonished:
  14. obsidyen
    As far as I know, when Hugo was first introduced at CES 2014, Hugo was paired with HD800s for demoeing. I think that says a lot about Hugo.
  15. frankrondaniel
    I think it drives my HD800's just fine.  I was quite surprised.
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