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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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  1. jamato8 Contributor
    I don't know how many listen to hi end out here. I haven't run into anybody. One guy I work with, who is in IT, well heads IT for the hospital, did the first sound ever heard on a computer. Gates was young then and heard about it and wanted to know how he did it. Our IT guy, Bill, also knew Steve Jobs (not too many kind words). Bill does know high end and was one of the wonder kids that built his first tube radio at . . . age 5. Yes, and talking with him I can tell he has the smarts. He was raised in the bush but lived part of his life down in California doing the computers in their infancy. He is about the only one that can identify with my joy of good sound and what it all really means. 
    I am alone out here in the audio desert. :^) I was kidding with you though. I do have a Hugo on order but none have touched the ground within my reach. I do have some awfully fine sound/music to listen to. And feel fortunate to have that and the fine online dialogue with all you fine guys. 
  2. Mython Contributor
    At some point in the not-too-distant future, I may have to ask you for some recommendations!
  3. barbes
    That's just not right.  I've been mostly listening to CDs (ripped into Apple lossless) and they sound fantastic.  Lower-level files like internet radio also sound great (one of my metrics for good gear is that they help lower-quality sources sound worth listening to.)  Don't know what your source was experiencing but no, no "underwater" or anything remotely like it.
  4. jamato8 Contributor
    Was he wearing a fishbowl at the time? This could account for the sound. 
  5. alcyst
    Which player for iPad?

    I've been trying the Onkyo HD Player & Ampliflac in the past few days & I havn't fallen in live with either. There are others I havn't tried. The issues with the 2 relate to ease of use rather than anything to do with sound quality. These could be down to user error, or just failing to RTFM. But then I read my email on a tablet rather than my Ubuntu laptop.

    The headings include;
    - ease of importing; Ampliflac's 2 stage process is more fiddly than Onkyo's auto import.

    - ease of use; Onkyo's EQ adjuster seems comprehensive, but may be feature bloat. And after making spaghetti shapes with it once I cannot get back to minor adjustments. The Playback and Equaliser settings both require manual setting, though only infrequently. A couple of settings are opaque0; DSD->PCM or DoP?
    Ampliflac requires setting sampling rate per track or album. Navigating between album listing, metadata (necessary to find the sampling rate), then setting sampling rate is clunky.

    Anybody want to pitch in with their favourite?
  6. OK-Guy
    I wish I was going mate but this is Chord's show... last thing they need is me turning up giving it the hard sell. I'm kinda crap at selling anyhow I'd be more interested sitting selfishly in the corner listening to the Hugo>ZX1>8C/.K-10's not having heard either IEM yet.
    I agree the Hugo will be a game-changer, I've decided how I'm going to utilise it when I eventually get one... I'll load mainly Red-Book onto the ZX1 with a few Hi-Res albums... going to get me  a decent hard-drive (probably a G-Technology one) and load up RB/Hi-Res & DSD and play via the PC... my aim is to have seamless hi-end sound at home & on the go via the Hugo.
    I'm not thinking of connecting into a home set-up yet or I'll end up buying Hugo's twin brother 'Tugo'.
  7. Stormfriend
    It's perfectly listenable with mp3 over a wired connection, but now you've posted that - I think I can see what he's saying, though he's being really fussy!  There's just the tiniest hint of warble with some songs.  Using Foobar at 16bit with dither instead of 24 bit cleans it up slightly but also introduces a slightly more metallic sound.  Most of my mp3s were recorded a long time ago, with some crappy program I can't remember and on a different PC with an earlier version of LAME, so comparing them to the FLAC files I have now isn't fair.  The Hugo may just be flagging up how crap the rips are.
    If he was using bluetooth then it doesn't take golden ears to hear how poor that can be at times.

  8. harmonix
    Red book is great.
    Not tried anything lower res.
    I am very concerned about the claims being made about the dac ,s performance at lower resolution . Is there proof of this from more than one person.

  10. OK-Guy
    one person's assumed thoughts from a 15-30min demo... c'mon you're above rumours.
    Yes I am , I was just asking I thought that us what it is. Sorry. I do not want to become one of those people. .

  12. OK-Guy
    Al... at the end of the day you'll only get the quality from a device depending on what you feed it... a good example was my old Walkman Z1070, if you fed it crap, it sounded crap and no amount of sound processing would change that fact.
    Lol yes this is true. I am thinking of the Hugo. But if I do for potibilry it's a three stack combo. Transport , Hugo , amp. Now I use the hibino and a iBasso pb2 amp. With CIEM,s.
    It is really good.
  14. Stormfriend
    Since I last posted I've been listening to nothing but mp3, mostly 320kb, and it's sounding brilliant.  I've stopped picking low bit rate mp3s to torture it with and I'm just sitting back and enjoying the sound, with plenty of bass and a rich and detailed midrange coming out of my HD800s.  I'm not getting close to 12-14 hours battery life however as the sound cuts out after about 7-8 hours.  It sounds just about as good plugged in (god knows how), but I'm still disappointed in it.  It continued to operate after the sound stopped, and once I plugged the power cable in it started outputting sound again after a few seconds, but it's not what I was hoping for.
    I did leave it playing without the power cable attached overnight at one point and it was switched off in the morning.  It took about a minute for it to turn back on again when power was reconnected, so maybe that affected it, but I'd expect a £1200 device to look after its battery better than that if that's the cause of the short run times now.  My ipad 1 battery is a masterpiece of longevity and run time, so it can be done.  Alternatively it may just be the run time is shorter driving HD800s (or a mix of HD800s and line level outputs as I did tonight).  I'll do a proper time check later this week. 
    How are other people managing on run times?
  15. Mimouille
    I have a friend who's mother was sleeping with the step brother of a guy who used to work for a former supplier of a subsidiary of Chord, and apparently, my friend heard that if you use SPC cables on iems and plug them into the Chord, a little cat will die in Japan. True story.
    Guys, let us all stay calm. Several headfiers say it sounds great with all formats, and then one guy with 12 POSTS comes, says an UNNAMED professionnal reviewers says it sucks with low res files, and we are all in a panic. Let us all take a step back from this kind of post. I am not saying the guy is lying or anything...but I would need more substantiated information to form an opinion.
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