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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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  1. evolutionx
    Thanks Jude for the explanation.   Will try out some old recordings and play with the filters.    Cheers.
  2. evolutionx
    I should receive my USB cable for ZX1 from price japan next week.  Will see if ZX1 is a better source than AK100.    Also, will try out X5 at a local audio store with its Coax Out with Hugo.   Like i say, the search is never ending.   [​IMG]
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  3. unready
    Being an owner of the AK120 and have had a few iRiver mp3 players in the past I'm looking forward to getting the Hugo and using iphone/Sony ZX1 or whatever as "frontend/GUI" to it.. AstellKern/iRiver sucks when it comes to user experience, so I'll never go back to them... Their GUI (User interface) has always been annoyingly slow (all products I've tested).. It's '90 GUI :frowning2:   If one can get amazing sound from other products I'm happy to sell my AK :)   What I love about my AK is the noisefloor.. witch is bascially "non existant"... So if Hugo gives me that and more power as well, I'm in heaven :)
    Now I'm just looking forward to the store in Sweden where I've order mine gets it in stock :)   Not sure if they'll even sell it here in Norway where I live...
    AK240's pricing.. I won't even comment it.. lol
  4. bmichels

    So we need a 256 Gb ZX1 and we are happy ! :-€
  5. OK-Guy
    those distinguished reviewers from What Hi-Fi announced that Sony said that the next Walkman will have DSD as native and a micro-sd slot... basically all that is missing from the ZX1.... release in 6-8mths going by past Walkman releases.
  6. CosmicHolyGhost

    Hopefully not too expensive.
  7. harmonix
    hmmm maybe I'll wait then.
  8. hicham
    Can someone who has both the Hugo and the CEntrance HiFi-M8 chime in on how the Hugo compares to HiFi-M8 regarding sound quality and drive capability?
    I am currently using HiFi-M8 with 240GB iPod Classic for Apple Lossless files and iPhone 5 via CCK for DSD using Onkyo's HF Player.  I am considering getting the Hugo to use it on the go with possibly the future iBasso DX90 for FLAC files and iPhone 5 via CCK for DSD.
    The headphones that will be used range from the JH13, T51p, T1 and LCD-3.
  9. OK-Guy
    many thanks to 'seeteeyou'... this album is pretty cool, listen to the whole album in DSD/Hi-Res(?) free, enjoy:-
  10. OK-Guy
    I have been reliably informed that Chord will be using the following sources with the Hugo at the Bristol Show, UK (Feb 21st-23rd)... Laptop, iDevice & the ZX1.
  11. holeout
    Just connected the Hugo to iPad via usb cck and using Onkyo HF Player to play DSD and hi-res flac files.
    Native DSD sounded awesome, can't think of any portable device right now that can stream DSD to the Hugo except for idevices or a notebook. Probably be getting an ipod touch 64G to make this a more portable setup. I definitely prefer the SQ and battery life of this setup over AK120S>Hugo, maybe there will be Android base devices that can do this in the near future...
  12. bmichels
     " I definitely prefer the SQ ... of this setup over AK120S>Hugo," !!!  
    I can't see how Ipad + Onkyo HF Player  can provide a better signal to the HUGO than an AK120s ??  
    Better battery life may be ! Better UI....certainly   [​IMG]    but ....  better SQ ?  I doubt !  Are you sure ?  
  13. sas
    What's the availability of Hugo from online dealers? I'm aware of Moon Audio, anyone else? UK pricing is not a bargain in USD, but seems like there might be savings to be had from HK or elsewhere in Asia. Any suggestions for dealers comfortable with shipping to USA?
  14. holeout
    For one thing, the AK120(S) can't output native DSD, the DSD files from 120S is converted to hi-res PCM before output via spdif. The conversion introduces inconsistency in different DSD files usually resulting in slight distortions in the music. With the ipad, DSD is streamed to Hugo natively using DOP over usb, hence no conversion inconsistencies. DSD playback with ipad/Hugo is definitely the best I heard with the Hugo so far. For other hi-res formats, it a close call. So factoring in the all the music file formats that I'll be using with the Hugo, I definitely favor the SQ with the iDevice/Hugo setup. The only down side is storage capacity, which I hope Android base devices can come into rescue in future....
  15. bmichels
    I agree about storage issue.  have you investigated some HD/Wifi enabled solutions like  kingston MobileLite Wireless  or  AirStash.that seems to be a "magic" solution ?
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