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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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  1. barbes
    Is that cable something other than a standard USB cable?
  2. zachchen1996

    so you did hugo to headphone vs hugo line out to amp to headphone? Because if you used those other amps with sources other than the hugo, then the comparison is invalid.
  3. OK-Guy
    no... the Sony has a special USB adapter and I was asked if it needed a special USB lead (it doesn't)... it should be ok to use with other Walkman's via the WM-Port/USB adapter which could be a absolute boon... how's the Hugo sound with Red-book files? (I kinda know the answer but it's good to talk)
  4. Goldlion973
    Thought so.... looks wide, is it heavy?
  5. zachchen1996
    it would also be interesting to find out which digital input on the hugo sounds the best, usb, optical, or coax. I have a feeling it would be coax
  6. rudi0504

    I am agree with you
    In home and portable : coax has the best sound quality
  7. jamato8 Contributor
    I have a feeling this will all filter out with time. The best digital input, best combination and it is all looking good. 
  8. barbes
    No, you're right, I misread the question.  Can't comment on amp alone or DAC alone.  The pairing is phenomenal.
  9. barbes
    Not at all, just a bit bulky for being genuinely portable (vs. transportable)/pocket-friendly.  I don't consider the M8 "portable" either - this is about the same.  They're both fine to slip in a bag or briefcase, that kind of thing.
    Goldlion973 likes this.
  10. alcyst
    I'm posting this here, it may be an issue with the DAP, but I'll try everything.
    I've had my AK100 for a while, but only tried to play 24/176 & 24/192 tracks through the optical output into my Hugo today. And nothing. Lower rate files play fine through the optical-Hugo chain. Everything sounds fine through the headphone output so the AK100 is accessing & playing the files.
    Am I missing something basic?
  11. bmichels
    there are some bugs in the way  AK100 handle somes resolution through the optical out.  I have experienced the following with my RWAK100 + RWA Bellina DAC:
    If I play a  24/192 file, it play correctly  (which is different from your problem), but then it is unable to play a 16 bits file as the "next file".  I need to play a 24/96 file to get the AK100 down from 24/192.  It is crazy, but it is like it could not "Jump" directly from 24/192 down to 16 bits without an intermediate step at 24/96.   I reported the bug to Vinnie who confirmed it.
    This is not exactly your situation, but may ring you some bels
  12. evolutionx
    You are welcome.  I enjoy playing with all these gears.    As long as pairing with TH900, I think i will stick to Hugo for sure.   The synergy is amazing with TH900.    The cross feed filter does make some difference, but not significant in my opinion.   Very much like the filters on Audiolab MDAC.    
  13. jude Administrator
    The greater the stereo separation, the more exaggerated the left-right panning, the more pronounced the effect of crossfeed will be.
    Try some old stereo Beatles with all-the-way-left and all-the-way-right images in the mix, and the effect of switching crossfeed on is dramatic. A good example track that I usually use crossfeed with (if I have crossfeed available) is "Change" by Blind Melon--play it with headphones on, and you'll immediately know why. (By the way, without crossfeed on, it's fun to shift balance all the way left and listen to Shannon Hoon a capella for the better part of the first minute of the song.)
  14. bmichels
    Thanks...  So I may go for the HOGO and...save some $ by avoiding the AK240 :)
    But then I need a decent source for the HUGO, and I am feed-up with the shrinked AK100's screen and poor UI & Playlists....   --> Android + USBAP  ? iPAD ? ...
  15. CosmicHolyGhost
    Thanks Jude for explaining the crossfeed filtering function.
    I feel it will be useful for listening to old jazz recordings in current stereo mix which the panning becomes too pronounced/unnatura on HD800. I pretty much prefer the original mono recordings if available when listening on headphones.
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