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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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  1. evolutionx
    Hi bmichels, I tried RCA out to Tu-05 and conclusion for me is that Hugo amp has better slam and details with TH900.    The more i make comparison with my other gears, the more i think CHORD has strike gold with this little fellow.    This is the closest to portable High-End so far for me.   The quest is never ending but i am glad after spending Head Fi $$$ last 2 years, the bar has been raised.  IMO.
  2. harmonix
    Has anyone had the chance to try it with Audeze LCD x and/or 3? Would love to hear back.

    Probably a tough decision between the hd800 and LCD X.
  3. Sauntere
    Sorry if it's been asked.
    Is there an Australian Distributor for this ? Is there an official Australian price ?
  4. OK-Guy
    I found this link via the Chord Australian distributor, if you scroll down you can see which Dealers stock Chord, hth.
  5. bmichels
    Thank you very much for doing this test for me.  I understand what you mean about "slam & details", but... did't you miss a little the "warm tube" sound of the TU-05 ?
    -  Does this mean that you will not use the TU-05 anymore ? Or are there still some situation where you will use the TU-05 instead of the HUGO ?
    - And what is your feeling about the built in "Crossfeed filter" or DSP.... whatever they call it ?
  6. Sauntere
    Thanks very much..
  7. barbes
    240gb iPod, Algorhythm Solo, coax into Hugo, Alpha Dogs...
  8. bmichels
    And so.... how does the Alpha Dog pair with the HUGO ?  Good synergie ?  Enough power ?
  9. barbes
    I've had mine for a while now, it has about 75 hours on it and I don't think the sound is changing much any more, so some thoughts.
    Everybody's right: this is a breakthrough.  It sounds AMAZING.  Not just amazing for portable, amazing period.  It combines clarity, spaciousness, detail, and richness in a way that has to be heard to be believed.  I don't have huge experience with desktop amps, but I've heard good ones; my home rig is a tube-rolled RWA Isabellina, and I like this better.  It's jaw-droppingly good.
    Some of the design features are wonderful.  It's beautifully made, light and compact, and all the connectivity options are great (see my previous post).  I care almost entirely about music, but it's a hoot to watch Breaking Bad on Netflix (I'm catching up late) while Hugoing the audio via Bluetooth...
    And I predict, at some point, a soberer V2.  This thing is too clever by half.  As a lot of us are discovering, the recessed fittings don't work with a lot of perfectly standard cables.  The siting of the volume control means that if you're bundling a transport in the standard way, it has to be on the opposing face, so that either you're operating the controls upside down and from the bottom, or the transport is sitting on its face.  The volume control itself is smooth plastic and is sometimes hard to catch; your fingers slide rather that turning the knob.  A normal design would be less innovative but work a whole lot better.
    In the meantime I know I'm going to love it.  
  10. barbes
    Best I've heard them.  Mine are balanced (for the Centrance M8), and I've got an adaptor so I can use my SE RWA Isabellina.  The Hugo is better than either.  They sound just wonderful.  And yes, plenty of power.
  11. Goldlion973
    Does it fit in you pocket and can you turn the volume up and down when it is or do people think you're fumbling for something else?
    Is a slight concern.
  12. zachchen1996
    I'm really curious as to how the hugo's amp section compares to that of other totl portable amps.
  13. barbes
    This would never fit in a pocket (not mine, anyway).  This is in your briefcase/bag transportable territory.
    I don't think even a lower-profile option, like Hugo/Touch, would work in an ordinary pocket - cargo pants, maybe, but not business wear.
  14. barbes
    Large-margin better.  I've heard M8/Apex Glacier/Vorzuge Pure - all very, very good - and the Hugo's in a different league.
  15. OK-Guy

    for those thinking of pairing the Hugo with the Sony ZX1... Chord supply the required USB lead with the Hugo that works in conjunction with the Sony USB-Adapter... [​IMG]
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