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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
  1. miketlse
    Google 'mushy peas' and you will find plenty of recipes, if you ever want to experiment - assuming that you could obtain the ingredients, such as some marrowfat peas. The street markets in Asia do sell an enormous range of ingredients, so you may be in with a chance.

    Fish and chips always used to come wrapped in unsold newspapers, but then everywhere changed to using off-white paper. I presume that 'health and safety' eventually raised an issue about people eating minute traces of printing ink.
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  2. JimmyPlant
    Hi folks,
    apologies if this is going over old ground but I have just acquired an AK240 and I loaded her up with all my DFF ,DSD, type files and they don't play!
    It just sits and doesn't play but it will play my WAV and FLAC files
    Please can someone give me some help and help remove the feeling that I've bought a faulty player
    The artwork for the track shows fine and it looks as though it should start playing but doesn't
    The time line always has 537:06:35 at the end if that helps???

    Thanks in advance
  3. 514077
    You should do a google search for the A&K240 thread. This is for the old Chord Hugo.
  4. doraymon
    "the old Chord Hugo"??
    You mean His Royal Highness the King father Chord Hugo!
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  5. DarginMahkum
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
  6. 514077
    Yes! Most noble changer of game.
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  7. Deftone
    Good price, if I didn’t already have chord DACs I’d probably snap it up.
  8. Hifi Boy
    Well guys, I've finally decided to put my money where my mouth was and after all the praise I gave Hugo 2 after the last Fujiya-Avic show, to get one for myself. I've also recently pretty much sold off my whole system except for the PS Audio P5 power supply, HE-1000 and the WireWorld and Axios cables. So, in anticipation of building a new ToTL system, I thought that getting a Hugo 2 would be a good idea. :)



    Last edited: Dec 9, 2017
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  9. doraymon
    Nice setup. I'd just add a good USB decrapifier before the Hugo.
    And hey, that Axios looks stunning!
  10. Hifi Boy
    You mean something like Mutec MC-3+USB? Yup, sold off that as well, haha! :D

    I just moved to a new apartment recently so haven't had the time to add the P5 to the mix, but I'm not sure how much it will add to the sound quality because both Hugo and the Mac are battery based, so I'm assuming nothing...

    This used to be my setup and as you can see, my Mutec was an integral part of the system, I really liked it. And yeah, as you've said, that Axios cable is quite nice and no, I'm not selling that any time soon! :D

    Last edited: Dec 9, 2017
  11. doraymon
    I assumed the same and was wrong, at list to my ears.
    The addition of a SOtM sMS-200 to my old Hugo/Mac combo was surprisingly effective.
    You can try also with a Regen (inexpensive), Intona USB Isolator or tX-USB Ultra (the last one if price is not an issue...).
  12. Hifi Boy
    Awesome, gotta try that.

    Anyway, I have a question about why my Hugo is powering down by itself. I've read that it will do so after 15 min if there is no USB signal coming in. But I'm listening to music and I'm plugged into the wall. So why has it shut down twice already?
  13. PCWar
    Best out of Hugo that I got is using Atterotech unDaes-o. It's an AOIP router based on dante. Sound is sublime compared to any usb connection.
  14. Hifi Boy
    Oh wait, now I remember, Dave has galvanic isolation not Hugo. So yeah, it's supposed to work on Hugo. But still, my P5 is a power supply, not a reclocker, and I don't think it's going to do much since Hugo has batteries.

    But than again, I might be wrong!
  15. doraymon
    One thing is the noise coming from the power supply, which doesn’t affect Hugo anyway because is battery operated, and a different thing is the noise coming from the USB signal (typically jitter).
    Although Rob Watts has always stated that Hugo is almost insensitive to jitter, in my experience I found a significant benefit from USB cleaners (reclockers).
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