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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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  1. NZtechfreak

    I don't think driving the HE-6 is an important quality for the Hugo. It may compete with a lot of desktop headphone amps, but that doesn't say anything about its ability to drive the HE-6, as virtually none of those headphone amps can drive it either.

    The HE-6 design is unique, that's for sure, but having heard it well driven I would never call it badly designed.

    I'll be able to audition a Hugo sometime soon, will make sure to pack my HE-6 for the occasion.
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  2. nOtEcH
  3. nOtEcH

    I am considering to do some metal work on the chassis on mine (to be). Just make the holes a little bit bigger around the RCA's and the toslink. The toslink input may work if it is just a little bit rounder?

    When looking at pictures of Hugo there seems to be enough room to make them at least a little bit bigger. A metal worker should have all the equipment needed to do such a thing.. and I guess that the USB inputs and jacks could be milled out more as well.. I'll just have to take a closer look at the casing when it arrives, and find out what I need to do to with it to make it work with my cables.
  4. Stormfriend
    I've finally got around to buying the lightning camera adaptor for my ipad mini.  With 24 hours on the adaptor, 100 hours on the usb cable and about 125 hours on the Hugo I'm really enjoying the way it separates the different strands of music and lets me hear so much deeper into the mix.  It still hasn't put a foot wrong sonically and works really well when played quietly (with the volume set at red).  In absolute terms I'm still missing some low level detail and three dimensionality, but everything is still burning in (especially the adaptor) so I'll need to give it some more time.
    The only interconnects I need now are to connect the Hugo to my T-amp (which is very much a secondary system) so I bought some Audioquest Evergreen cables and the RCA plugs do fit (just).  One advantage of the portable format is the ability to stick the Hugo in my coat pocket and take it to the shop with me...
  5. tonyl59
    I have no idea I'm afraid. I'm only interested in portable...
  6. CosmicHolyGhost
    Good find, thanks!
  7. Quest88
    Yes, I have heard light harmonic and others as well. Other than tonal purity, I think the DAC2X is just more effortless in its presentation. The Chord QBD76DSD sounds more warm to me, in a sense that it has less energy, thicker sound, and is a little colored IMO - not to the extent of others like say, a Weiss, but still there. In a similar price range, I'd consider the berkeley more neutral, but I like the Chord more for other reasons - e.g. the way it renders the flow of the music, and bass performance.

    Probably not identical to the Hugo, but it sounds like there are some similarities. Overall, sounds like the Hugo is still very promising. Thanks for the impressions.
  8. Mimouille
    Hi all, question on the Hugo amp. Since the DAC is the strong element, would any existing PORTABLE amp be an upgrade vs. the onboard amp? I am thinking of the best portable amps such as Portaphile 627, Vorzamp Pure II, RSA-71b, Wagnus, etc...
  9. zachchen1996

    Thinking the same thing here. fiio X5 coax out->hugo->totl portable amp->ciem would be a hell of a rig
  10. Clemmaster
    Where did you guys buy the Hugo in the US?
  11. nOtEcH

    Any decent RCA cables that fits? It seems like Chord cables could work? Any others?
  12. bmichels
    Hugo DAC + TU-05 Tube AMP ?   I love my TU-05... paired with my TH-900. 
  13. Mython Contributor
    I dare say this has been posted before, but I can't keep track of all the different Hugo threads, so, just for anyone who hasn't yet seen this:
    Like some fellow Head-fiers, I disagree about the rationale for the placement of the volume control, as it poses potential problems in stacked set-ups, but, other than that, it is really very impressive, how many technicalities were taken into consideration during the design of the Hugo. I can't wait to hear one!

  14. PhilW

    Still trying to find "decent" ones and decent optical at the moment. Obviously the supplied one fits but sceptical of its quality.


  15. woodcans

    I will be amping my Hugo with the tu-05 once my Hugo arrives. Will also compare the Hugo directly to the ZX1.
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