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Chord Hugo - The PORTABLE discussion thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by duncan, Jul 25, 2014.
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  1. uzi2

    Neither source to be compared has a noisy PC or mains to interfere with that stream of 1s and 0s...
  2. Jeff Y
    True. But it doesn't explain the widening of the soundstage and lessening of the bass through USB when compared to coaxial.
    Like I have said "pick you poison" and "YMMV"
    Do you use the AK100ll as your source?
  3. JaZZ Contributor
    Yes, there's a sonic difference between USB and optical from the computer to my ears. But there's also a difference between the X5 on one hand and X5 II/X3 II on the other hand. The X5 sounds distinctly less transparent. X5 II and X3 II sound identical.
  4. AndrewH13

    But possibly at different timescales. Let's keep an open mind and see what Duncan finds....
  5. uzi2

    It is the Hugo that handles the timing, but we must keep an open mind about the accuracy...
  6. musicday
    Have anyone figure out how the Hugo's battery will be replaced when they die?
    Also did anyone connected Hugo to TV 32 inch,or any size?
    How is the sound?
  7. velvetx
    I spoke with the audio shop that sells Chord and at this time they don't sell the spare batteries however, what I was told is that one of two things will happen. 
    1) If it's an easy repair or fix Chord will train resellers to do it
    2) If it's difficult you will have to send it to Chord
    Either way I was told that Chord takes care of their customers regardless and any issues will be taken care of.
  8. Alje
    Either way it probably won't be cheap
  9. Duncan Moderator
    I would imagine as a speculative guess that it will be 18650 batteries inside...

    A pair of Sony VCT5s would be about $30 (if still available, they are popular for ecig users) - but, i'm not saying that is what is inside the Hugo, and I'm especially not suggesting that someone open up to find out, just merely speculating...
  10. mathi8vadhanan
    Someone posted this on the main thread.
  11. musicday
    The photos are not a problem, seem way more high quality.
    The question is : how we replace, improve the battery life?
  12. Juan Virgo
    Sounds amazing...
    such a lively sound... the human speach is so much different then a regular connection... its very mid-forward. With punchy bass and gentle treble.
  13. ChordElectronics

    With regards to the batteries we use inside Hugo, we use custom batteries from Enix Energy and developed them for both longevity and reliability.
    Before the batteries drop to 75% capacity, you'll have 2000 charge cycles. In real terms this means that you can charge Hugo from flat every day for 5 1/2 years, and you'll still have 3/4 of the original play time. In the thousands of units that we've sold, we've only had two failures. Whilst we don't want any failures, we believe that these statistics are excellent.
    If you do happen to get to the point where you've depleted the battery to a state where its play time is unacceptable, you will need to return it to us for a service. We won't be training retailers to perform this service as it requires soldering. We've calculated that a fresh battery change with us will cost the user approximately £100.
    I do have to mention that opening your Hugo and/or modifying it in any way will invalidate your warranty and you risk permanently damaging your beloved Hugo.
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
    Juan Virgo likes this.
  14. musicday
    That is good news.
    Thank you for informing us about the battery status.
  15. RubenV
    I am impressed by the amount of charge cycles, this is twice the amount Apple offers while maintain roughly the same capacity (75-80%). And also the failure rate is excellent, well done!
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