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Chord Hugo / Schiit Yggdrasil. Anyone heard both?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by bclark8923, Jul 4, 2015.
  1. bclark8923
    Being that their around the same price point and their both very popular here on Head-fi. Who all has heard both and what are your impressions?

    I plan on buying one in the future and pairing with a Cavalli Liquid Carbon.
  2. bclark8923
    Bump anyone have impressions on either?
  3. jimmypowder
    Chord 2 qute and Yggy? Anyone hear both? Impressions?
  4. jimmypowder
    Come on folks bring on the Chord vs Schiit war of words !
  5. jazzfan
    One impression can be found here - http://www.head-fi.org/t/766347/schiit-yggdrasil-impressions-thread/255#post_11695742
  6. Stillhart
    I've heard both of them, both in a show environment.  I think the Yggy sounds better overall but it's also massive and needs to be on all the time.  The Chord Hugo sounds fantastic (the DAC section, the amp is weak), it's portable, and has lots of connectivity options including BlueTooth.  They're both very good but have different purposes.
    For pure sound, the Yggy.  If you want to take advantage of the transportability of the LC, the Hugo.  
    FWIW, the LC was being demoed with the Hugo at Canjam so many of the impressions from Canjam are with that combo.  I heard it myself and it was a very good combo!
  7. jimmypowder
    Have you heard the 2Qute,essentially a Hugo but with galvanic USB isolation? I'm hearing that it is better than the Hugo and cheaper too
    at 1,795 US dollars.
  8. Stillhart
    I've never had the opportunity, no.  But from what I understand, it's basically the same as the Hugo, just a DAC only.  It's a good deal if you REALLY like the sound of the Hugo and don't use the amp.  But that's a big chunk of change for a DAC only.  The Audio-GD Master-11 has an outstanding R2R DAC and an insane class-A amp all in one for about the same price.
  9. Jozurr
    How did you like the Hugo compared to your DAC-19?
  10. Stillhart
    I haven't had a chance to listen to the Hugo against the DAC-19 yet.  But you know... the Hugo is 3x the cost and diminishing returns...

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