Chord Hugo 2 w/ 2 Year Warranty

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    This is a near brand new product, purchased a month ago, just opened for review purpose. I'm a reviewer at Golden Ear, however Chord did not send us this model. Condition is like new (10/10), both the hardware and original box. It has seen no use after review completion.

    World's best portable DAC, purchased from the authorized Chord dealer in Portugal, with invoice and 2 Year Warranty. Known as "Dave's litte brother".

    This should sound a lot better than Hugo TT... Tap count is almost double and 10 element pulse array instead of 4 elements in Hugo/Hugo TT. Also, the output power appears to be even better.

    For both buyer and seller protection, the item will go insured. Should take 3-5 days to arrive anywhere within EU. Tracking number provided. 25€ will pay the shipping cost + insurance. For overseas 35€ with insurance.

    If you want to see more pictures, different angles/sides, please ask. More than happy to assist.

    I can trade for an iFi micro iDSD Black Label + the price adjustment.

    If you're in Portugal (Porto), you can collect in person.

    Thanks for looking!
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  2. Paulus XII
    Here goes some pictures:

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  3. Paulus XII
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  4. Paulus XII
  5. Paulus XII
    Looks gorgeous with the Focal Elears :wink:


    I've compared it with the original Hugo and don't even dream that the Hugo can touch the level of the Hugo 2. The bass is so tight and the soundstage so big, it makes a hell of a difference, especially with high-end headphones. If you have the original Hugo, sell it before it's too late. This is several steps above the Hugo. As they say: "Dave's little brother".
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  8. fuhransahis
    Your images are not showing up. Can you please re-post?
  9. Paulus XII

    They are here. I've used

    I will PM you the pictures.

  10. Paulus XII
    Pictures sent.
  11. Paulus XII
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  15. Paulus XII
    Just teasing you


    Sinergy is outstanding!
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