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Chord Hugo 2 - $US1,500/$AU2,100

Trader History (21)
  1. galacticsoap
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    Item: Chord Hugo 2 DAC & Headphone Amplifier
    Location: Sydney, Northern Beaches
    Price: $AU2,100/$US1,500 FIRM + Shipping + Fees
    Item Condition: 9/10 - Due to age
    Reason for selling: NLR
    Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
    Extra Info:

    EDIT: DROP 1 - $AU2,100/$US1,500

    This is my second Chord Hugo 2. I absolutely love them.

    I sold my original one due to a change in role which saw me move from an office to an open plan working environment. It's a similar reason that sees me selling this one i.e. I'm in the process of launching my own consultancy which will see me spend more time at home, than I would working out of a clients building. The Chord theme continues in my main listening rig with Hugo TT2 & Blu Mk2 taking care of digital duties. I'll be leaning on the services of the more inconspicuous Mojo when out and about.

    You'll note that this is by far and away the cheapest Hugo 2 listed for sale on Headfi (or anywhere for that matter). I was fortunate enough to pick it up at an excellent price and I'm passing that saving on to the next buyer.

    The unit comes with all original accessories. Move fast. This won't last. Price is firm.



    Last edited: May 1, 2019
  2. androidjedi
    how old is it? would you consider shipping it to the UK?
  3. galacticsoap
    @androidjedi - The unit is less than a year old. Happy to ship to the UK.
  4. androidjedi
    could you please let me know what the total cost would be including postage?
  5. galacticsoap
    @androidjedi - Happy to include standard postage in the price, if you're happy to cover PayPal fees. Standard postage takes 8 business days and includes tracking.
  6. galacticsoap
  7. ratrace
    Sent PM..
  8. galacticsoap
    PM replied

    Chord Hugo 2 still available. I'm happy to include postage world wide in my asking price. I'm a little surprised this hasn't moved.
  9. AudioBear
    I'm a little surprised that your Hugo 2 hasn't moved too. Your price is really low for a unit of this quality. I am holding the price on mine at $1575 delivered and that's a steal.

    Good luck @galacticsoap

    galacticsoap likes this.
  10. greenkiwi
    Bump. I need someone to take this off the market so I don't get tempted. I keep telling myself that my mojo is good enough :darthsmile:
    galacticsoap likes this.
  11. AudioBear
    I feel the same way.

    edit; eg, that somebody should take it off the market
    Last edited: May 14, 2019
    galacticsoap likes this.
  12. galacticsoap
    Payment Pending - looks like its sold! Woohoo!
  13. AudioBear
    Glad to hear it and not just because I am all alone now trying to sell under-loved Hugo-2s. Your price was unreal low, I can't believe it took so long.
  14. galacticsoap
    Thanks mate - the market for Hugo2's doesn't really quite make sense at the moment. The price we've listed our units for make them veritable steals. I thought buyers may have been sitting on their haunches to see if Chord were going to announce something at Munich. Given they didn't (much to my relief) I expect interest to start increasing again.

    GLWTS @AudioBear
  15. franz12

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