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Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by doraymon, Aug 30, 2017.
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  1. doraymon
    I am a Hugo owner looking for possible upgrades.
    I like the idea of moving to Hugo 2 but I use it as a desktop DAC and its layout just kills me!
    With my actual Hugo I have cables everywhere, crossing one another and together crossing my headphone amp connections.

    Can anyone suggest a few alternatives to stay in the Hugo 2 league (SQ wise) but with a more desktop friendly solution?

    Budget around $2,500.

    My setup:
    Mac Mini as Roon Server --> sMS-200 (network player) --> tX-USBultra (USB decrapifier) --> Hugo --> Cavalli Liquid Carbon 2.0 --> Ether C Flow.


    List of suggestions:

    Denafrips Pontus
    Schiit Yggdrasil
    PS Audio Directstream Junior
    Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC
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  2. robm321
    Interested in other's opinions myself. Denafrips Pontus should fit the bill.
  3. Eldair
    How about Schiit Yggdrassil?
  4. doraymon
    Definitely an option.
    I had already ordered one but due to various reasons (long story) I eventually cancelled the order.
    Other ideas?
  5. canali
    many give high praise to PS Audio direct stream dac JR with bridge...or even the SR if found used.
  6. doraymon
    Yes interesting, but that's $4k!
    If that's what I have to pay to get similar SQ of the Hugo 2 I'm going to live with the cables hassle and stick to the Hugo 2
  7. doraymon
    Sorry, duplicate post
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  8. doraymon
    Yes it's an interesting option.

    I will throw in the discussion the Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC...
  9. doraymon
    ...and Metrum Acoustics Menuet... but this one is even difficult to find so I'm not sure I can audition it easily.
  10. dmance
    My Hugo2 review as part of the Canadian Tour will focus on it's use as a desktop DAC driving loudspeakers. I have several comparable DACs lined up and all my comments are pertinent to your concerns. Should be posted by the end of September. Stay tuned!
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  11. doraymon
    I will!
  12. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Personally I love the Hugo 2, but in your list, the Kitsune L3 Holo Spring DAC would get my vote...and funny enough, mine is for sale. :p The only reason I'm selling it is to help subsidize my new Chord DAVE.
  13. doraymon
    I'm not sure I understand Chord strategy not having a Hugo 2 TT.
    Nor a 2Qute 2 (or 4Qute?).

    No table top DAC of the second generation, so to say. And a big gap between the Hugo 2 and Dave.

    I would have been happy also only with a kind of Docking Station for the Hugo 2 in order to rearrange the cable routing making it more table top or rack friendly...
  14. Swiss Cheese
    I use the Marantz HD-DAC1. I love it in every conceivable way. It is sits on my desktop.
    It is also a looker. Built like a tank.

    $799. Save your self a ton of dollars/euros.

    It is bigger than the Hugo for sure. The only does run a bit warm, but has an auto stand by function.
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  15. Music Alchemist
    They're working on things one at a time. The gaps will be filled eventually.
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