Chord Electronics - The Shard Event
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Apr 29, 2015
On the 14th of October 2015, at 2pm GMT, Chord Electronics is introducing a revolutionary new product at The Shard, London, England.
You’ve talked and we’ve listened.
The game will change!
Chord Electronics would also like to offer one very lucky Head-Fier the chance to attend the event! The winner will enjoy a champagne reception and a superb eight-course gourmet lunch with Chord presentation. The winner will be at the forefront for this exciting release. For your chance to win a place at this ground-breaking event, all you need to do is take a creative picture of you and your Chord product and we'll pick a single lucky winner from all of the entries.​
This competition is for a single invitation only. Travel and accommodation is not included.
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Then you know what to do, get your selfie stick at the ready :)

Good luck to everyone that enters, got a sneaky feeling that this event will be epic :)
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  how many say it would be chord's first dap

I was actually thinking that same thing when I first seen this. But what more, who do you think it's to compete against? Currently the AKjr and Fiio x5 g2 is really popular on the market with it's quality/price ratio. BUT Chords not known for being cheap so perhaps their going straight for the AK240 or even 380 challenge?
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I think you guys are missing the point of this thread, its a competition, not a discussion :wink:
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Can I borrow a Chord product from anyone? Or is Photoshop OK? 

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So, it's a game changer....personally I hope it will be something portable, like a dap or an even smaller Hugo 2

Ah well, just 11 days to go...

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Yup, this will be big.....

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oh boy, this is an exciting announcement.
what could it be?
if they release a DAP I don't think they will settle for a competition against FiiO, iBasso or the AKjr. they'd go for the top I'd say.
but actually I doubt it will be a portable player... no idea what else though.
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no idea what else though.

On the bright side, I think it's safe to say it won't be a washing machine - that eliminates at least one thing it could be :)

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