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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. dac64
    Remove the BNC connectors, you meant ?

  2. nwavesailor
    I agree @Reactcore, the Supra 2.0 USB cable is a keeper!

    I also bought an inexpensive Furetech USB cable that had received a What HiFi award to try. It did have very nice connectors that were a bit tighter than the Supra.

    I did A /B comparisons with the Furetech and Supra, back to back, and on every swap the output of the Supra was higher than the Furetech. I changed nothing other than simply swapping the USB cables?
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
  3. Romi54
    yes I mean ... ok pity .... thanks
  4. dac64
    It's easy to open the chassis to replace the BNC connectors.

    Can share what are you up to?
  5. Romi54
    I use a Uptone USB adapter, it sounds fantastic, but it is very short and I need more space for the ethernet connection and the BNC is in the way
  6. IAIA
    Is there a consensus on the use of conditioners such as SOtM tx-USBultra or iPurifier, as well as Rendu and SOtM streamers with Qutest? At the moment, I just have a laptop with Fidelizer and Audirvana, I'm happy with the sound, but maybe there is room for improvement?
  7. soares
    Oh yes there is especially when using a ‘normal’ computer. I don’t have any more my Qutest but I still keep my uRendu. It really makes a difference.
    It seems that there is a consensus with the others. You could also try an Isoregen. Not so good but it’s much less expensive. Use the uRendu with a good LPS. I use an sbooster but a LPS 1.2 it’s also fantastic. If you are short of money try to get an used package (uR + LPS). Finally if I may advice get a second hand Cisco 2960 switch. They can be find between 20 to 60 dólares. New were more than 600. If you want to improve use an optical module to the Cisco or even better between the Cisco and the uR. A good power supply will also make a difference. I started with a Jameco (10 $). Much better than the one included. Looking forward to receiving my etherregen... Good luck
  8. IAIA
    Thanks for the answer. I forgot to mention that I don’t need network functions at all, I like my laptop and I’m only ready to consider buying network devices if it gives significant growth in SQ.
  9. dac64
    Battery powered both, good enough.
  10. soares
    It will improve SQ if you use streaming services and probably if you also use cd files with an additional computer or a NAS.

    I never tried a battery with a Qutest, so I can’t comment. Used one (don’t remember the name) with my sonictransporter and I prefered the HDPLEX I’ve been using. Ultimately it will depend on the system you’re using and also the quality of the battery. Cheers
  11. IAIA
    I use high quality cd-rips streaming from my external hard drive. My question is: Is a regular laptop inferior in sound quality than network devices? My system is pretty revelatory: Dynaudio Special 40 + Perreuax pre amp + Perreuax power amp.

    Also, what is general agreement on the use of conditioners like IFI products?
  12. soares
    Sorry for not being sufficiently clear. I was not saying that network devices are superior to computers. I suggested that using a NAS or an additional computer might (and I say might) get you a better sound when using a good switch. The connection being by Ethernet, of course. I am saying this because I prefer the sound coming from my Zen MK III and my sonic transporter connected through my Cisco to the ultra rendu than connected directly to the uR. Turning to the starting point and from my experience what I am certain is that using a USB ‘reclocker’ improves substantially the SQ coming from a computer. Even a Zen MKIII. Best, Jorge
  13. IAIA
    OK, got it, thank you!
    soares likes this.
  14. IAIA
    Has anybody had positive effect using Qutest with iPurifier 3?
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2019
  15. betula
    Did you have good results with iPurifier 3?[/QUOTE]
    Sold it after buying the Qutest. Didn't need it anymore.
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