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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. betula
    Nice first post. :)
    I wouldn't forget the TT2. TT2 with MSC is said to be better than Dave alone. Qutest with MSC vs. TT2 alone is a matter of debate.
    All I can say is that my TT2 absolutely slaughters Qutest paired with any amps. (And I did love my Qutest with the Taurus MKII.)
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  2. Reactcore
    I wonder how many daves there are circulating by now.. have found one online 2nd hand for little over €2k. But believed it was fake and didnt go on with it.
  3. betula
    IMO you have probably missed an exceptional secondhand deal. Who would sell a used Dave for €2k?
    TBH I don't think there is a huge secondhand market for fake Daves...
  4. Reactcore
    By fake i mean its a scum. Someone with only 1 sentence description, 1 picture trying to get money off others.
  5. JohnM-73
    I actually got in touch with the guy (couldn't help myself, was feeling cantankerous!) and exchanged some chit-chat. When I asked why, he said he was selling it cheap as he wanted to buy a new pair of speakers quickly, and it hadn’t sold at a higher price. He said he could take a photo of himself with his family so I knew it was legit (!). I countered with can you take a photo of yourself next to Dave, holding a bill or official letter that clearly features your address and the serial number of the Dave, before I make payment?
    He went completely quiet after that.
    Funny that........ :wink:
    Hope there’s nobody out there that actually falls for this.
  6. Reactcore
    Well but we less fortunate can't be blamed of dreaming to find this one exception.
    JohnM-73 likes this.
  7. OctavianH
    Nobody will sell Dave at that price. I would say if you find a 2nd hand unit around 6K you are lucky.
    betula likes this.
  8. Reactcore

    See.. who believes this?
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  9. betula
    I agree. No secondhand Dave will go for less than 4-6K. And even with a 4-6K deal you can count yourself lucky.
    No good Dave will sell under 6k IMO.
    TT2 at 4K is an exceptional deal IMO...
  10. Reactcore
    Theres also a Blu mkII for 1700 for sale there..
  11. AC-12
    This may make for a good PC gaming setup. Can you control the volume natively in Windows 10?

    I enjoyed the gaming sound effects the Mojo produced, but Mojo or Hugo2 not really practical for this use case.
  12. Hooster
    Have you thought about TT2? Some seem to be saying that that has surpassed Dave.
  13. Reactcore
    Windows mixer should just work as long your game doesnt make use of wasapi and dont have its own volume control.
    Qutest uses the same win driver as Mojo
    If u can change volume in windows with Mojo connected then im sure with Qutest it works.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019
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  14. RuiNguyen
    I would contact the dealer in my region if they have the TT2 + MScaler and Dave to make comparison :D
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  15. schnesim
    I'm wondering if the Qutest is actually suited for gaming. I tried a Dragonfly Black once and found the delay between video and audio very distracting. And I wouldn't be surprised if the Qutest exhibits even mor lag due to the more complex filtering.
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