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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. Jon L
    My BIGGEST complaint with the Qutest, having nothing to do with sound quality, is that flimsy micro USB jack for power input. It's a piece of junk, and it does not even require a fall to go bad and become intermittent. If Chord is listening, please replace it with something more reliable :triportsad:
  2. GradoSound
    I totally agree!

    I have put some blue tack around the micro usb port just to help stop bending and/or detaching from the port. It's beyond me why it's done that way for a product costing close to $2K
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  3. Jon L
    That blue tack must look pretty ghetto, but I may try that...
  4. miketlse
    Taking an impartial engineers design viewpoint, there are two opposing approaches for dealing with users and sockets:
    1. You allocate the full responsibility for protecting owners from themselves, to Chord, who then need to use full size USB sockets, or power cable sockets
    2. Owners take 100% responsibility for their own gear, by ensuring that no excessive strain is placed on chord gear sockets
    Several years of head-fi posts, have highlighted that not all owners can be trusted with Approach 2, so maybe Approach 1 is inevitable for future designs - simple to say, but there is an inevitable impact on circuit board layouts, component cost etc.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
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  5. dolphy007
    The micro usb socket is used by millions of people worldwide everyday, they're plugged and Unplugged multiple times per day. If it were such a poor connectivity option phone manufactures would have gone out of business. Are we complaining for the sake of complaining?

    I've personally used at least 4 phones in the last 8 years, probably plugged and Unplugged them at least 12000 times, not once have I had a failure!

    For me it's convenient, it's essentially set and forget.

    Enjoy the music..... Stop worrying about the the little things.
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  6. OctavianH
    I liked the idea to power it from a powerbank. However, the jack itself does not inspire quality. What to say, pros and cons.
  7. Ivodam
    About the micro USB power socket - it seems that Chord have realized that it is not such a brilliant solution. The new phone stage Huei, which uses exactly the same body, like the Qutest, has got a power jack socket and a power switch, which I find excellent, both of them.
    I really hope that next Qutest Neo or whatever the name, will look the same (including the XLR outputs :)).
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  8. Jon L
    Great news! Huei does seem to use the same chassis as Qutest, and I can't imagine the next Qutest version would not have the same power jack improvements. Having a power switch would be nice, too.

  9. Daniel Johnston
    Downside is you'd have to use a wall wart specific to the unit. Right now you can use any microUSB 5V power supply.
  10. HumanMedia
    What any industry standard 2.1mm DC barrel plug, as opposed to an Android phone charger?
  11. Daniel Johnston
    The other end. Right now you can use a multitude of 5v chargers/batteries depending on your setup.
  12. Ivodam
    I can live with that. :)
  13. dac64
    The Output impedance of qutest is 0.025Ω.

    Does this means that it can drive earphone directly?

    I have apple ipid earphone and my source has digital volume control

  14. Deftone
    Yes but you will need to use digital volume control.
  15. dac64
    Thanks for the info! Have to make sure before I burnt the output stage of the Qutest! :wink: Btw, the input impedance of my apple earphones is 32 ohms.

    Yes, my TV set up has a digital volume control. I just bought a Toslink to connect between the HMS and TV set up box.
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