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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. dinus777
    noise was present before. With Sbooster Qutest was dead silent.
  2. Masterwarzombie
    why did you buy ifi audio grund then?

    your take with adapter bnc towards rca is connected on which product? on an audio streamer, an amp?

    i got my sbooster i have to test when i get back
  3. hornytoad
    Audio Nervosa Psychosomatic Alert !
  4. dinus777
    yes, as for the ground, just prefered that way with ifi groundhog, but you can do it other way too
  5. kerisabe
    @dinus777 what dont you like about the sbooster driving your qutest? Actually i didnt have much complained running the qutest using its stock psu, i had it grounded from the beginning using an active ground unit. But recently i tried using the qutest with the ifi ipower 5v and the sound opened up and its more holographic, more lower end as well.
  6. Deftone
    From another forum (if you beleive power supply makes a difference then it could be the best choice)

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  7. kerisabe
    @Deftone thanks for the assurance/forum post info. I might try to replace the ifi ipower on the qutest with a proper custom lpsu. Just curious how much of an improvement in sq over the ifi ipower 5v i have on now.
  8. dinus777
    I did not like the Qutest sound with Sbooster lpsu, so i've sold Sbooster.

    For me Anker 26800 power bank changed sound - opened soundstage, gave more depth and separation between instruments. But now after grounding Qutest, it looks for me that it is more or less same as with battery, so i'm running Qutest with stock Chord PSU.
  9. kerisabe
    Ic. But I still dont get, the specific reason you disliking the sound of sbooster powering the qutest? In theory it should be better than the stock psu and battery. To me, battery sounds sluggish/slow. No dynamics compared even w stock psu.
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  10. Masterwarzombie
    I received my booster last Friday. I'm on vacation, on the way back, you'll have another opinion. my quest is associated with an ultra neo 200 sotm streamer connected by a power supply sps 500 from sotm.
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  11. HumanMedia
    I tried a first gen BOTW sbooster on my 2Qute and it made it sound too bassy. And the Teddy Pardo supply was way too lean.

    However the new sbooster is a completely different supply and the 2Qute was a different DAC...

    The goldilocks supply that was ‘juuuust right’ for my 2Qute and now Qutest is the UpTone JS-2. But at 1/3 to a half the price of the DAC, its a hard recommendation. And yes I tried the UpTone LPS-1.2 on the Qutest and the the JS-2 is far better (for my tastes, in my system, YMMV etc.)
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
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  12. dolphy007
    I must be one of the few that is using the provided power supply. I am also using a Supra USB cable connected to the Auralic Airies + LPS. I've reached the point where I need to stop chasing rainbows and enjoy the music with what I have.

    Enjoy the music, not the sounds that eminate from your speakers!
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019
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  13. Masterwarzombie
    0BFDB89A-2DC6-4184-BAD8-CB1FBB922D6F.jpeg D7A50895-BD18-459A-8B8B-9B3C330DF8AF.jpeg AE50CF0B-8280-4F94-95DD-D0ABEDC34E8D.jpeg E195F32D-AA3D-4D51-BBB0-09CD86FE61F9.jpeg Just arrived
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  14. HumanMedia
    Great audio-porn shots! Nice system!
    How does the new power supply sound?
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  15. hornytoad
    The ultimate in audio nervosa.Take those weights off the Qutest!
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
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