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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. Triode User
    Based on your headphones volume lisition of about 9.5 for the highest usual listening volume it could well be you would be better off with the Qutest 1v output setting.

    Try it?
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  2. kerisabe
    Thanks for the replies guys. The amp im using is the Gryphon Diablo 300. I do have alot of room to move up on volume when the qutest is set to 1V. It doesnt say specifically if the input sensitivity is for balanced or unbalanced. Also it says the gain is +38dB and it also says the Input Impedans, single ended (20-20000Hz) is 20KOhm.
  3. dac64
    All the stardand output of CD player or dac are 2V.

    Chord just provides an option for users to fine tuning, to some, this feature may cause some confusions.
  4. kerisabe
    Thanks dac64. This issue is abit clearer for me. So i will try setting the qutest output to 1v and 2v and what are the things that i need to lookout for specifically? Thanks
  5. OctavianH
    Somebody once told us here that the JCAT is a very good USB filter / card and makes the others useless. How right he was.


    I started using this in my PC powered by an Sbooster LPS (+Sbooster Ultra) 2 days ago and now I just put on sale all my other USB filters (ISO Regen, iFi stuff and so on). This is a must for any desktop user, and they claim it needs at least 1 week to shine. I will need sun glasses if this is the sound quality I receive after 2 days. A very underrated product, imo.
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  6. kerisabe
    Happy to hear youre achieving something with USB. I gave up USB last week and fed my qutest through its optical input from my macbook pro and voila, just limited to 24/96 since its an old 2010 mbp.
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  7. OctavianH
    I fully understand you and for this particular reason I always had a "plan B" with a CD Transport in Optical input (CXC) and direct CD playback. But now, after JCAT, plan B might not be needed anymore. Anway, since CXC was a steal for 400 EUR I will keep it to enjoy good old "CD playback" and to be able to see the cover and artwork of the music. :beyersmile:
    What to say, if you have a free PCI express slot I would say you definitely need to check this JCAT Femto.
  8. miketlse
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  9. Simon Price
  10. Zzt231gr
  11. Simon Price
    Hi ZZT,
    Just to let you know I did do that on the Qutest review and did mention in the article on best dacs that using a linear psu on the Qutest is an improver for my system and ears. I do think it’s system dependent though as the box supplied psu is perfectly capable. Regards Simon
  12. Zzt231gr
    I 'd take that for a correct comment!
  13. Simon Price
    My Cyrus pre can be a little edgy (I’m replacing it) so the linear psu takes the edge of things a bit, but if you use a smoother amp with the Qutest you don’t need a linear psu. You still get all the detail. I tried a Qutest with a Bryston BP17 cubed pre amp and I used the Qutest wallwart and I don’t think I’d have bothered with a linear psu for the dac as the Bryston is so much more refined to my Cyrus. I think therefore it’s a question of buying a linear psu to sort out or tune something in the system - probably as it’s not as you like it. If it doesn’t need tuning - it ain’t broke and don’t need fixing. The chord Hugo tt2 and m scaler are absolutely fine with the wallwart switching power supplies - as chord will say with all dacs
  14. jwbrent
    Many toslink cables, including the excellent Lifatec glass toslink, won’t pass anything above 24/96. The solution is the Sys Concepts toslink which passes 24/192.
    Last edited: May 25, 2019
  15. kumar402
    I have basic one from Amazon and it works fine with 24/192.
    AmazonBasics Optical Toslink to Mini Toslink Jack Digital Audio Cable - 3 feet
    Last edited: May 25, 2019
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