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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. Qute Beats
    Well if if works for you that what counts. On the Stillpoint website it says carbon coated with metals, its not electrically conductive is it, as that would worry me being close to the PCB?
  2. jwbrent
    I recall early in my audio journeys, VPI made the “magic brick” which was iron, I think, encased in wood. When you placed it on top of a chassis over the transformer, things sounded better. The iron soaked up stray EMI and the weight reduced chassis resonances. Made a nice improvement with my Kenwood L07 mono-blocks which were popular in the early 1980s.
  3. kerisabe
    Correct, it is conductive, on the sides where it is cut/exposed. For safety, the sides can be covered using the black electrical tapes, which I didnt do cause where the ers is installed the sides are not exposed to the pcb since it is directly submerged into the top/bottom chassis. If you open qutest, the pcb floats in the middle of the chassis.
  4. riverred105
    Does the cutest or hugo 2 suffer interference when directly touching an iPhone or iPad (WiFi lte, BT active for both).
  5. kerisabe
    Thank you for the info. Yes i think also with the qutest, putting an isolation device on top of the chassis would work best for it? Since it is rear heavy with all the connection cables connected to it, more heavy on the rear.

    When i tried putting 3 stillpoints ultra mini, (1 in front centre, 2 in the back corners due to more weight in the rear part). Feels like the qutest is not “heavy enough” to transfer the resonance/weight to the stillpoints. Havent tried it with bigger stillpoints. Maybe putting an isolation device on top? Any suggestions from your experience?
  6. kerisabe
    From what i have learned, aside from outside interference, dac produces one of the highest rate of noise in your audio chain. I supposed they suffer interference when directly touching an iphone/ipad without any direct audible difference.
  7. jwbrent
    I just checked the VPI website, but it appears they don’t sell the brick anymore. Other than that, no, I have no idea about something similar.
  8. jwbrent
    Last edited: May 21, 2019
  9. kerisabe
  10. jwbrent
    They are not as wide as a Qutest, but I think a tad deeper. You might ask if you can just buy one instead of both unless you want to try it out on your power amp.
  11. kerisabe
    Ic. Crazy how the price of the vpi has gone up since it was first introduced. Im going to wait for my integrated 2 ch to arrive before getting the magic bricks. Would the brick make alot of diff placed on top of the laptop music source? The laptop is connected to the qutest using optical to eliminate noise.
  12. jwbrent
    I remember paying about $80 for two of them ... 35 years ago. Check eBay or Audiogon.

    The biggest effect is soaking up EMI, that’s why it was designed to sit right over the power supply transformer. I have no idea what, if any, effect it would have on a laptop.
  13. Qute Beats
    They sure are expensive, have a look into making a DIY one. A good tool for the job would be a plunge cutter, it can cut out a neat cavity in a block of wood, mine was bought from Lidl for £30.
  14. miketlse
    In those days iron and steel were cheaply available, probably only a dollar or two, so there was a large markup for manufacture and retail.
  15. The qutest is so good the only possible upgrade is apparently magic rocks and bricks. As heavy as the qutest is it doesn't need anything sitting on top of it. Or special feet. Or any other lunacy.

    This is all the kind of thing that give the lot of us bad names everywhere else in audio. It disappoints me every time I read it.
    Last edited: May 23, 2019
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