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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. nephilim32
    Pink Floyd remasters are an exception because the 2011 and 1992 remasters are quite good, however more often than not it really depends on your headphones tuning. For instance. I own the hd 800’s and lcd xc’s and the way each of those headphones treats louder or more compressed sources is so very different. Hd 800’s have absolutely no forgiveness or mercy with mediocre mastering. Very unforgivable even with a strong soundchain like a qutest in the mix. Sadly.
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  2. kumar402
    That's the problem with TOTL headphones. Most of them are very resolving and unforgiving on bad mastered songs. In case any TOTL is smooth or forgiving they are tagged as south or north of neutral and hence not TOTL worthy.
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  3. Zzt231gr
    You are correct!2011 remaster.
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  4. nephilim32
    I honesty don’t think it is a problem. :)
    It just gives me an excuse to buy more than one headphone for justifiable needs. Lol.
    I have 4 headphones I use quite regularly, but only 2 of those are for serious listening...with the Qutest of course!!! :)
  5. kumar402
    Currently I have Chord Qutest and Gumby with me. So I thought of spending this beautiful and sunny Saturday afternoon in Long Island within the comfort of my bedroom comparing the DACs ,I mean thats what an audiophile is supposed to do in a sunny afternoon. I am using HD800s and 600 to compare and will first use Valhalla 2 and then LP with sys as switch box. I am not sure how to volume match both as I am using 2v out and I guess that should help me to do have same volume. Based on initial impression, I feel Gumby pushes the stage little back and Qutest brings things more upfront and Valhalla2 as dry treble and Gumby is taking the leading edge off which may and may not be good thing based on headhone and amp one has. Will report back later however I am not a technical audiophile so my comparison will miss words like transient etc, it will be in words of layman audiophile.
    PS: I own both and so I feel I will not have any bias but I will leave that for self discovery.
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  6. hornytoad
    The Qutest is the better dac . I’ve had both and the Qutest simply is more transparent and offers higher resolution but still sounds natural
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  7. lectrolink
    Has anyone had issues getting above 24/96khz using the hi-res streaming services? I am running Qobuz (Studio Quality) via the BluOS app into a Node 2i, then into the Qutest via single coax. Tracks that are listed as 24/192 are only showing the green light, indicating 96khz sample rate.

    Also, I've had stream services like Amazon Prime showing a red light on the Qutest (indicating a 44.1 khz sample rate), but Amazon Prime's 256 kbps bitrate is well below CD bitrate of 1411kbps. Any comments welcome on streaming sample rate indications with the Qutest.
  8. kumar402
    Well I am using Qobuz via roon and I am able to stream 24/192Khz to raspberry Pi streamer connected to Qutest via COAX. Check in the app if there is upper limit set for streaming
  9. flea22
    hey guys, would using a y splitter with the qutest degrade sq. I want to use the qutest with my headphone amp and my peachtree nova, and i'm getting tired of swapping rca cables.
  10. kumar402
    Do you want to use both at the same time? If not then you can use something like Schiit Sys which is very transparent at 100% volume
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  11. flea22
    No don't want to use both at the same time, just had a look at the schiit sys and it looks like it would do the job.
  12. jwbrent
    Since you are not using both components at the same time, you should be okay with high quality splitters that do not use cables, i.e., an all metal design. Just make sure the component not in use is turned off so the Qutest doesn’t see two loads which would impact its performance. My two cents on the matter.
  13. kerisabe

    Has anyone tried installing stillpoints ers inside their top/bottom part of their qutest? How about on the usb power entrance point inside the qutest? Im also thinking of doing in along the wallwart cable as well. Hope to hear your experiences/comments! Thank you
  14. Qute Beats
    Looked up the 'ers'. interesting concept, can believe they may of use with cheap gear with very thin metal casework but can't see how they would benefit the very solid Qutest at all.
  15. kerisabe
    The way i think of it is not rfi/emi from the outside, but more of dispersing/reducing the high rfi created from inside the qutest dac itself, reducing it by putting it on top and bottom part of the casing.

    Tried doing it, the qutest board has at least 0.5cm perpendicular to the ers (top and bottom case). Also added some ers to the stock wallwart sides, and the usb plug that powers the qutest. Last was opening up my speakers and putting a small piece below the crossovers. It is way quieter now. Blacker.
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