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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. Triode User
    Yep, spot on. 'Crisp clarity' is probably an RF artifact as opposed to being part of the music.
    The trouble is that the devices that the cables are plugged into also act as aerials so good cable shielding is no guarantee of keeping RF out. And whilst the shield might protect the central conductor it is possible that depending on earthing arrangements, the shield itself might pick up RF and carry it to the device in the ground plane. RF noise is sneaky stuff and can jump past/over some isolation measures.
  2. jwbrent
    Studios use balanced cable runs specifically to reduce any RFI picked up in the environment.
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  3. 211276
    I thought I might be able to set up Poly but was unable to. A few responses from Chord and then silence. Seems to be a compatibility issue with my router. Have had to return it within the statutory period.
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  4. Qute Beats
    I use stock PSU, but do use the iFi AC Purifier. I moved Qutest from attic room which had it's own ring main (and where Qutest and amp were on separate outlets to the PC/HDD), to the ground floor (fridge, microwave etc etc on on same ring main) where Qutest, amp, PC etc had to sit on the same power strip, but it didn't sound as quite good. I tried iFi purifier in the middle of the power strip between Qutest/amp and the PC gear and the sound improved again, a tad smoother/darker. It may be snake oil and YMMV, but I do think it does what is claims and reduces noise on the AC.

    edit: never bothered doing any blind testing though, seems to work so left it as that.
    Last edited: May 10, 2019
  5. GreenBow
    Hence why Chord Electronics use thick aluminium for their casework, as it blocks RFI. Also why I use (or prefer) analogue only amplifiers, as digital circuitry in amplifiers causes RFI or noise.
    Last edited: May 10, 2019
  6. Triode User
    So you will not be using digital amplifiers connected to your MScaler via the DX outputs?
  7. kumar402
    Paired my Qutest with a new source, digione signature player,using BNC. Powering the HAT with LIFEPO4 batteries. It works as Roon end point and has airplay cababilities.

    A1A2E95A-AB5F-4032-9A60-6CE7D52A8B83.jpeg 09CB6A55-EFFF-4F19-8983-B31D42F18FB0.jpeg 6816D060-4EE9-4246-8379-3B0DD7034A37.jpeg 2806D6CA-1BFE-4D28-BB09-5216EAEB0ECA.jpeg 5AD3AAA8-5F29-4060-9811-D027CBF2BA5A.jpeg
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  8. Baten
    Nice set-up! I'm positive Allo signature is right up there with the very best transports. Only thing I don't like is the battery pack though. I honestly think batteries are overrated.

    Allo is working on a dedicated low noise PSU though, should be out soon.
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  9. miketlse
    Interesting. I have been umming and arring between the digione, usbbridge or a full nuc build this week, but not made a final decision.
  10. bikutoru
    My setup is very similar, only with the black case.
    I've had RP3 with original Digione for close to two years running Volumio and manually installed Roon bridge. They feed the Coax and USB inputs, and Chromcast audio does the Optical(just in case somebody want to chromecast).

    Last edited: May 11, 2019
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  11. jwbrent

    My rig. You can barely see the Qutest next to my laptop.
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  12. Baten
    Cute doggo
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  13. Chop-Top
    Sweet looking system!
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  14. miketlse
    You are very considerate to position your music system, to optimise the listening experience at your dogs favourite cushion. :grinning:
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  15. jwbrent
    He has better ears than I do!
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