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Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. dannyvstheworld
    Tried disabling all WiFi devices in the house, but it doesn’t stop the static in the right channel. Thanks for the advice anyway.
  2. Jawed
    So what I'm trying to understand is whether a 20-30dB increase in distortion at low bass frequencies (20-40Hz) is credible. Is that change realistic?

    The resulting distortion, around -90dB, might be considered imperceptible when compared against a baseline of -110dB. I don't know. I think it's good to discuss the measurement to decide whether it's useful and whether distortion levels at -90dB in the bass can be ignored.

    Ultimately I'm asking this because I could clearly hear bass distortion in Hugo TT when compared with DAVE, driving the same headphones, and so measurements that are representative of listening are worth seeking out. If a test is done with headphones connected and it shows much worse results than with a dummy load, then the test might be useful. I can't tell if the tester has screwed up as I haven't been able to find other comparable results.

    Did you publish a graph of distortion into 33 ohms for Hugo, for comparison against Hugo 2?

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  3. SalvorHardin
    Maybe the FiiO X5(III)? Has one of dem dere finger UIs. And, I think it has access to some online streaming. Not too expensive, as well.
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  4. paul2qute
    When I want to use the Chord hugo 2 just as a dac in my main system I press the power and the phdx button at the same time it goes to white which is maximum,my Hugo 1 went straight to purple,do I just dial it down to purple to get 3v is that the best setting? Also I've tried using the naim nd5 xs and using my phone swapping inputs and even through my in ears I can't hear any difference,I'm gonna sell my naim nd5 xs and I'm gonna buy the focal clear and a astern and Kern 70 mk 2 as the source then by pass the dac in the astell and Kern to the Chord Hugo 2 is that possible before I buy it,also can it be powered up all the time by the main socket while using it so I don't have to keep charging it up when I'm at home,any advice would be greatly appreciated
  5. AndrewH13
    Hi Paul, didn't expect a noticeable difference but interested that you can confirm it. Not that the Naim doesn't send a perfectly good signal, just that other cheap products can also do so now. It seems the Source importance has to a degree, moved to the DAC.

    Do you mean, leave Hugo2 plugged in all time? I do in main 2 channel hifi system and use Remote. If Hugo2 produces any sound, you know the AK70 has its DAC bypassed as H2 can only accept a digital input.

    Sold my Sennheiser HD800 yesterday as for headphone use I'm using MrSpeakers Ether C 90% of the time, Grado the other. Interested how you find the Clears. My wife won the Focal Listen headphones at London Canjam last year, but oh so warm, dulled and rolled off. Elears also not to my taste, but really liked Utopia, albeit out of my pricerange.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2018
  6. GreenBow
    Just a note.

    Tonight I was trying to launch a PC game and it would not launch. Neither would two other games. Then an app called Desktop OK would not launch.

    I found the problem. It was because I was listening to the Hugo 2 on optical input from another source, rather than my computer. However I was idly connected via USB between my Hugo 2 and computer. This was somehow causing programs to fail to launch.
    The moment I turned my Hugo 2 off optical, and put it onto USB, all programs launched as normal.

    Funny that.
  7. Rob Watts
    Hmm - I think that is coincidental. USB is always live when Hugo 2 is powered up - the source selection does not alter the USB decoding at all - all that happens is the decoded data is switched. So the PC will see no difference as to whether the data is being used by Hugo 2 or not.

    Send me a PM if it happens again.
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  8. paul2qute
    I was thinking of an iPod touch,I've told Nintronics I'm looking at the focal clear headphones and the astell Kern ak70 mk 2 but I won't be using the dac Inside it only use as a source out to the Hugo 2 so not sure if it's a waste of money
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  9. jscmd2000
    That would be a nice source for the H2. Not sure how much the 2go will be but micro sd would be another option for your source with other added benefits, as ipod touch is limited to 128 gb. I want to use ipod touch strictly for its off-line function for Tidal. I like Tidal on my ak380 but their is no off-line.

    I am sure you know what you are doing, but curious if you are not concerned if the clears are not going to be as resolving as the utopias? I heard that from several people on here that they are levels apart. For example, despite all the reviews and not so popular anymore WoF, my experience with the aeons has been disappointing compared to the ethers in overall resolution and imaging. I've been chasing this elusive perfect pair of closed hp for some time now... have high hopes for the upcoming hd820.
  10. musickid
    why not roon via battery powered windows laptop paul? i've yet to find anything that brings me as much enjoyment as roon. you can use tidal built into it as well as your own stored music. you can also use ipad as remote. many options. unless of course most of your listening is mobile.
  11. paul2qute
    With only using the astell and Kern in the house can I ask you is it still a pleasant experience with Tidal ?I don't need off line as it gonna be in my main system and only used in the house with Wi-Fi,also with being a virgin to astell and Kern the AR connect app can I put that app on my phone and use my phone to control the ak 70 mk2 ?Save me having to get up and down to change songs.I've owned the focal utopia and everyone bangs on about being the flagship it's the best,well I had them and didn't like them,far to fatiguing for me,if they got less treble or less treble spike I'll be happy as Larry,Clear is suppose to be a different sound it's not trying to compete with the utopia it's giving a different flavour and that's what I want,I would never buy the utopia again,I really don't miss it
  12. tekkster
    I've been thinking along the same lines.

    I have an old disconnected iPhone 6, and have loaded Onkyo HF Player on it, but I really despise the dongle. It's unwieldy, and it bugs me to have cables sticking out of both ends of the H2.
    Instead, I'm thinking of grabbing the HiBy R6, to use the optical cable. The Cayin N5ii via coax works really well, which is ideal for an afternoon or traveling on the train or a flight. The only issue there is the occasional time I might want to charge while using, since the coax cable uses the USB-C port on the N5ii. But, not really a big deal.

    Too bad BT doesn't work better, but I guess there's no getting around lossy BT, even with APTX. Though, that's not as big a problem as the skipping that occurs once in a while with BT. Both the Cayin N5ii and the old iPhone seem to skip every once in a while when connected via BT.
  13. paul2qute
    I think I'm gonna stick with astell and Kern now,not sure what cable I use though,I'm guessing it's micro USB to micro USB to the Chord Hugo 2,I want a metre length as I want my astell and Kern on a different shelf to the Chord Hugo 2,I'm assuming I can't charge it while it's playing though but if I don't use the dac or amp inside I'm hoping the battery will last a lot longer
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  14. paul2qute
    That's great thanks,no I meant the astell and Kern plugged in charging while playing music as well
  15. tekkster
    Really obscure question....

    I'm having a little trouble with two songs on the Hugo 2, and wanted to know if anyone had a similar experience.
    Two of my distortion test songs are failing under certain conditions.

    The two songs (and specific versions of the songs) are:
    - Marie Digby, Album: Breathing Underwater (2005), Song: Shoulda Been Simple (Problem: the heavy drums)
    - Emily Bear, Album: Diversity (2013), Song: Northern Lights (Problem: There is a tiny cello roll off in the 7-8 beat that distorts)

    The album matters, since both artists have re-released the songs in other albums but with the distortion causing percussion removed.


    - Connected to any iphone, ipad, via USB dongle, using Apple Music Player: TERRIBLE DISTORTION
    - Connected via BT to any iphone, using Apple Music Player: TERRIBLE DISTORTION


    Tested with T1, HD800, M50x, M70x, TR80/250, ER4p, SE846.... Results identical regardless of headphone.


    - Connected to the Schiit Wyrd, source, iMac, Swinsian - NO DISTORTION
    - Connected via optical to iMac, Swinsian - NO DISTORTION
    - Connected via bluetooth to iMac, Swinsian - NO DISTORTION
    - Connected to any iOS device via USB dongle, using Onkyo HF - Highrez purchased - NO DISTORTION.
    - Connected to any iOS device via BT, using Onkyo HF - Highrez purchased - NO DISTORTION, LESS DETAIL.


    Does anyone know why I'm having issues with the Apple Music Player on iOS devices?
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2018
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