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Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. jarnopp
    The top review from Tristan is of the black USA tour unit. I also reviewed it just prior to him. My review (on this page:
    https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/chord-hugo-2.22209/reviews?order=likes&direction=asc&page=2) specifically focused on Mojo to Hugo2 comparison. I also found 8 preferred the Mojo sound for some very specific reasons. If that doesn’t match your experince, it’s possible there may have been an issue with that particular unit, or just varied preferences. I’m sure you will enjoy your Hugo2!
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  2. tekkster
    Like many, i have both and my 50 year old ears are pretty weak, being unable to hear below 22hz or above 15khz. Even for me, the h2 outperforms the mojo, but not for all music and not for all conditions. Hiphop, rock, rap, house, pop, i can’t tell the difference using most headphones. For some reason, with the t1’s, my fav headphone, i can’t really tell the diff between mojo and h2.

    Folk/acoustic, ensemble, jazz, some classical, and using the hd800’s or the cheap fostex tr80/250, i can tell the diff between h2 and mojo, as long as source is flac. No filter on the h2, of course.
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  3. SalvorHardin
    I think so. I thought the Hugo1 was far superior to the Mojo in terms of timbral definition and clarity. The Hugo2 is a major step up from the H1 in stage depth. The treble response is extended but not strident as the Hugo1 could be at times. I only use my H2 at home, and think it worth the money. But, judge for yourself.
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  4. tekkster
    I agree, the larger screen and more organized and easy to follow UI of Mac/OSX players are nice. I like JRiver, though I prefer Swinsian right now.

    Still, iPads aren't bad, It allows me to take my music to the living room or dining table using headphones or bedroom. And the screen on an iPad is reasonable. I'm trying out different FLAC players, the one in the photo below being Flacbox.

    [​IMG] IMG_2462.JPG
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
  5. Chikolad
    See, Hans Beekhuyzen on YouTube said in his review that there's no difference in stage depth, only in height and width. So I guess there's not a single truth.
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  6. SalvorHardin
    Hmmmm! Interesting. And I generally find his videos educational, even if I don't always agree with him. I liked his MQA Pt 1 video when he gives a-what I think is-a reasonable explanation as to why 24/192 is the way to go. Part 2 was another matter, of course. But, I'm surprised to hea-secon hand, mind you-his take on the diferences between the Hugos. And I trust my ears more than any other ears I've used. (Titter).
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  7. Chikolad
    OK, I watched his video again to try and find where he said that about the soundstage depth, and I couldn't. So maybe I was hallucinating or maybe someone else said that...
  8. ray-dude
    FWIW, I've found depth and depth resolution to be one of the more amazing and perhaps the most ethereal aspects of Chord DACs; anything in the chain can cause that amazing sense of depth to go away. Hans reporting this wouldn't surprise me, but the bottleneck may not be the Hugo vs Hugo2, but his headphones/speakers/amp/etc. For soundstage and transparency related cues, the entire system *really* matters.

    I found depth and depth resolution to *dramatically* go up from Mojo to Hugo2 to DAVE to BluDAVE/BluHugo2 (scary high with Blu2 in the mix), but I have not had an opportunity to compare Hugo and Hugo2 directly.
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  9. Satir
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  10. Rob Watts
    Hugo 1 and Mojo both have similar depth performance - not surprising, as depth is down to small signal amplitude linearity, and Hugo 1 and Mojo have exactly the same 4e pulse array, noise shapers and internal truncators - and it is these items that determines small signal linearity and hence depth perception.
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  11. ray-dude
    Fascinating, thank you for sharing Rob. That sense of infinite depth is intoxicating. Understanding where it comes from is not only very interesting, but also very helpful.
  12. tekkster
    My DSD library is limited, but does KaiserTone and uRa (ios apps) not do DSD correctly?
  13. Hooster
    Wear glasses that block harmful wavelengths of light when using computer screens and phones. You will not be sorry.
  14. Hooster
    The H2 wold be pointless and grossly overpriced if it did not sound much better than a Mojo. I have had a Mojo so I know what it sounds like. I have never heard the H2, but I assume it must sound a whole lot better than a Mojo. It would be kind of ridiculous if it did not.
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  15. Audio-Mark
    The Meze 99 is a great Headphone but the match with the Hugo 2 is terrible. I found the combination unlistenable. Way too much bass.
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