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Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. Hooster
    I can also recommend the Wyrd. Perhaps Chord should incorporate Wyrd technology in the next iteration of Hugo.
    I don't see how BT can possibly sound very good. It is not a high fidelity means of conveying audio signals. Why Chord decided to incorporate BT in a device of the caliber of Hugo2 is a mystery, since the money people pay for the Hugo2 goes to waste if they use BT.
  2. tekkster
    Yeah, I get that. And yeah, I don't expect BT to be as good because of that reason.

    Still, I read so many reviews about how the H2 was so much more forgiving of source data that I was, I dunno, a little hopeful I guess, that the sound would be better than it was. Hahaha. Oh well.

    Time to research low end DAPs with optical out or coax out. Probably coax out.

    Of course, USB may be better, no doubt. But, it's a silly reason for me to want coax or optical: I only want cables on one side when using it mobile. A USB would mean having cables sticking out both sides.

    I figure: when mobile: coax or optical
    And depending on the situation, maybe usb when at hotel or office while on business trips.
  3. Peter Hyatt
  4. musickid
    a standalone mscaler for H2 in the 3K region or below would solve 95% of the entirety of problems i have in my life. the remaining 5% would amount to raising the 3K.:sunglasses:
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
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  5. Triode User
    Hold on, let me look outside.

    Yep, there goes another pig flying past my house.
  6. musickid
    with 2go, poly servicing, standalone mscalers, TT mk2 and the modified scaler it will need, which side of H2 the scaler would click into i'm really wondering if these reports are all premature and unlikely to occur soon. it all seems to be getting out of hand.:thinking::slight_smile:
  7. Hooster
    The obvious solution is to stop speculating and buy a Dave and a Blu2 immediately. You could splurge and go for the associated stands. They look pretty cool when you have them stacked up!

  8. musickid
    if only i had the funds at my instant disposal. to be realistic an h2 is for sure soon and i might use this as a stepping stone in 6 months or so to dave. at the moment i'm enjoying the mojo/pm1/roon combo and just taking my time. although i know there are riper fruits just waiting to be picked.:deadhorse::deadhorse:

    violin concerto e minor hilary hahn roon mendelssohn oslo philharmonic
  9. Sheep1234
    So I have the Hugo 2 now for my Sennheiser HD800s and Fostex TH-900. Is it worth it to use the Hugo 2 just for a dac and get a dedicated amp for it? If so which one would be a good match?

    So far I'm very impressed with it and at least 5 times better than my Oppo HA-1, which I now hate listining with the Hugo 2.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  10. musickid
    use cash for cans not amps imho
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  11. ZGojira
    It depends how much you are willing to spend on an amp.
    Realistically, a good amp (that doesn't limit the Hugo2, and actually makes it sound "better") is going to cost almost as much if not more than the hugo2. Even then, it's not going to "sound twice as good".

    It is up to you if it is worth it, but be aware of what you are getting yourself into.
    I have a GSX mkII, and I consider that a good match. Perhaps the Gilmore Lite mk2 is worth a look for SE only applications?
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  12. MikeRight
    Maybe this can help you :wink:
  13. tekkster
    I read a lot of reviews with the Hugo 2 that have it paired with LCD4/2, HD800, HD800s, Nighthawk, a few IEMs. I've even read a couple of comments about using them with M50x.

    No one seems to be talking about the T1s. In fact, I rarely see reviews of DACs or DAPs or amps using the T1s anymore. Maybe they're too old.

    So, just for the sake of mentioning it somewhere, I'll just say that though I have the HD800, HD800s, M50x, M70x, TH900, TR80 (250), and a few others, so far, the T1s (1st gen) are my favorite pairing with the H2, sourcing via USB dongle from an iPad12 running Golden Ear app for FLAC files.

    The T1, at least to my weak, old man ears,

    - Same detail from the H2 as the HD800 and M70x (I dunno why, but the HD800s and M50x sees, I dunno, "less", maybe it's my imagination)
    - The lower frequencies of the T1 on the H2 feel just right to me. The HD800s is too much bass still (but less on the H2 than when the HD800s are connected to the Jot)
    - The highs of the T1 on the H2 also feel right. For the HD800 on the H2, higher frequencies sometimes make me wince a bit, though it really depends on the song. On the Jot, the HD800 always feels perfect.
    - The mids of the T1 on the H2, again feels spot on. Not too prominent or too muted or drowned out.
    - Across the entire range, the T1 feels so clean. With some headphones, sometimes the vibration of the voices of Sara Bareilles, Michael Jackson, Suzanne Vega, Il Divo, Andrea Bocelli, seems to smooth out, but never with the T1.
    - "strength" Strangely, most of the headphones seem either a tad soft or a tad pounding. The M50 or M70 seem to have almost too much punch to me. Unexpectedly, the TR80 really felt great. Not too pounding and not too soft. The T1 is also perfect.

    So far, the T1 is my favorite pairing with the H2.

    Maybe not too relevant anymore...just some thoughts in case there are any T1 users left out there, hahaha.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
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  14. musickid
    I have used dt880 600 ohm previously with h2 with great results.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
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  15. Peter Hyatt

    I listen to Hugo2 almost exclusively with the T1.

    The only exception is when I am on the go. I use the T1's little brother: T8. (AKT8ie)

    It is as close as I have found to the T1's definition. I love them both. Even in very long flights, I have not found listening fatigue from either.

    Hugo 2 is in a class all its own. I feel that the T1 combined with Hugo 2 is to be present for the music like nothing I have experienced.

    I need "2Go" to have the large SD card at my disposal in travel.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
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