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Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ChordElectronics, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. Whazzzup
    you know what chasing highs results in. Im already mainlining bliss.
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  2. ChisChas
    I told you to stop smoking that stuff :deadhorse:
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  3. GreenBow
    Please can someone advise me about something from the Hugo manual.

    It says under section one,
    "After a period of fifteen minutes of inactivity, Hugo 2 will automatically shutdown".

    However I think my two day old Hugo 2 is not doing this. I have left it on battery from nearly full battery, playing music while I fell asleep. The album in JRiver on my computer would have ended, and when I woke in the morning, the Hugo 2 had a flat battery.

    I tested this again, and by leaving it inactive on my desktop while doing other things. The same thing happened in that the Hugo 2 stayed powered on.

    I can do the test now, as it's on the last track of an album. Then wait twenty minutes. ... However I am wondering if I have not understood it completely right. Does it mean if no music is being played though it. Or just nothing connected to the digital audio input.

    Really sorry to have to ask and seem thick.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2017
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  4. ChisChas
    I am enjoying my loaner Focal Utopias rather more than I was hoping but only after I ran them in for 7 days, 24/7. The Hugo 2 & Utopia pairing has been spoken of by other H2 owners, I can now agree with them.

    Happy Christmas everyone, hope the Christmas holiday goes well wherever you are in the World :v:
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  5. ChisChas
    So glad you've fessed up, M8, I thought I was the only thick one on this thread....................
  6. ChisChas
    Am I the only one who has only just heard/viewed the incredible Sina (the 18 year old German drum player)? Her YouTube videos are amazing, just bought her CD to support. All sounded wonderful with my loaner Utopias and my Hugo 2.
  7. 514077
    Haven't tried it. But, I suspect turning off your computer so it's not electricly connected to the H2, and see if it turns off. I'm curious to see if that's what Chord means by the 15-minute shut-down. Even with no music, there's still some information flowing through to the Hugo2.
  8. GreenBow
    Yes, someone on the Mojo thread mentioned their Mojo would shut down after ten minutes with no cables attached.

    However I think I might have remembered something that might be wrong. That there was some sort of shut-down to preserve battery if you stopped feeding it music. Only because I vaguely remember some talk about the new shut-down circuit. I thought some folk were saying they were actually not happy with the shut down. Maybe because it closed down the Mojo, like just when you take a break from one album to another. ... Anyway all speculation that. Would love to know what the real auto shut-down is supposed to be. (I'll do the no cable test.)
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  9. TKpurple
    I vaguely remember autoshut does not work in usb mode if usb cable is attached.
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  10. GreenBow
    Yes, my Hugo 2 does close down if the USB cable is removed. ... Only not it seems, when just left with no music playing, with USB cable attached.

    Ah, OK. Thank you. That's pretty much what I just found happening. I can test optical myself later, and can report back here for anyone else that wants to know.
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  11. GreenBow
    Actually more than thank you, because I was going to get in contact with the retailer. You saved me a lot of trouble and possibly embarrassment. Least of all, I might have returned the Hugo 2 thinking it was faulty. Then I could been given an exchange or a refund, had the shop not known how auto shut-down operates.

    Very good that we have Head-Fi to ask on. :headphones:
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2017
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  12. Rob Watts
    Just to confirm the other posts; auto-shutdown will happen if:

    1. No device connected on the USB - Hugo 2 checks for the +5v on the USB. And:
    2. Digital silence via the SPDIF.

    The reason that USB only uses +5v sense on USB and not just digital silence is because with some apps if you remove the connected USB DAC it can cause the app to crash; sometimes crashing the whole device. So I keep Hugo 2 on to prevent this.

    Auto shutdown intent is to prevent it flattening the battery if it comes on inadvertently, in a bag for example.
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  13. GreenBow
    Thank you very much indeed for the clarity
  14. blackrain139
    I'm not sure if anyone has asked this before but I can't seem to get Hugo2 to enter into desktop mode

    From what I understand, if Hugo2 is charged non stop for 24 hours, it enters into desktop mode and the power button light should be purple.

    My Hugo2 is now at 48 hours of non-stop charge. When I turn it on, the power light is still blue.

    If I leave it alone, it auto shuts off after 15 minutes. (nothing is connect to USB except power)

    I read the following:
    "when the charger is connected for more than 24 hours, and Hugo 2 is on, is to go into desktop mode."

    How do I ensure it stays on and doesn't auto shut down within the 24 hour period?
  15. GreenBow

    The options for auto shut-down are in the post two above.

    I think the Hugo 2 desktop mode is initiated after the power charger is detected for 24-hours. I think that turning the Hugo 2 on or off doesn't affect desktop mode. Desktop mode is not instigated by how long the unit is left switched on. It's starts when the unit has been plugged in for 24 hours or more.

    That's what I think anyway.

    (I do remember thinking the same as you, but thought it through, and came up with this conclusion.)

    However I have no advice about getting you Hugo 2 into desktop mode. I can see your hesitation.

    I am currently waiting for mine ready to go into desktop mode, but a few hours to go yet.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
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